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Bludgeon - Crucify The Priest (5,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 40:13
Band homepage: Bludgeon


  1. Smoke Screen
  2. Idle Distinction
  3. Torturized Through Lies
  4. Zero Tolerance
  5. Last Rights
  6. Voluntary Manslaughter
  7. Crucify The Priest
  8. Abandoned
  9. Bound
  10. Inner Hell
  11. Turmoil
  12. Stained In Blood
Bludgeon - Crucify The Priest
There are 2 kinds of dates: The one, that after the first date with the girl you know everything about her, and the second where on every new date you learn a little bit more. This can both end good and bad: Knowing everything after the first date can either make you like her a lot, or it can be a reason never to call back cause it was boring. The same goes for option number 2, you can be interested to hear all the upcoming details, or just not be interested to discover these new levels.

Anyway, music is very alike. There are bands that let you discover so many layers that only appear after tons of listens, but others are far simpler, as in-your-face-representations of what they stand for. I can live with both types actually (though a bit of challenging music is always welcome) but my finding is that in-your-face-music needs to be of high quality to stick and allow you to go on that second date. A good example of that is the crushing new VOMITORY-disc… a record that I'd rather not date a second time is the new BLUDGEON-record "Crucify The Priest". I mean, the looks/ sounds are ok, but nothing to want to sit through many more times.

I could ramble on for hours, but "Crucify The Priest" just doesn't touch me. I can listen to the album 5 times in a row and it still doesn't do it for me. BLUDGEON is Thrash/Death (oh, but I hate giving labels to music) and is best described for me as BOLT THROWER without the typical BOLT THROWER-riffing. So not necessarily bad, but definitely not good either. As this is the debut of this American band I think they can still get a lot better, at least I hope so for them. But music is a weird thing, one can love a band that others hate and vice versa. I'm sure there will be loads of Metalheads digging the BLUDGEON-disc… but I don't. Oh, I must say that the sounds is good though, the drums have a very nice sound and the band definitely has good musicians. Id'say, check this out for yourself, you might like it!!

Vincent Portegijs

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