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Polak, Milan - Dreamscapes (5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 52:28
Band homepage: Polak, Milan


  1. Panic Room >mp3
  2. Girlfriends
  3. Dreamscapes
  4. Spanish Romance
  5. Quicksilver >mp3
  6. Slowgold
  7. Joyride
  8. Contrapunctus III
  9. 4 A.M.
  10. Shadowdance
  11. Ground Zero
  12. Straight Ahead >mp3
  13. Sometimes I Still Miss You
Polak, Milan - Dreamscapes

Without having to beat around the bush for a long time, this kind of music is absolutely not my cup of tea and despite all the respect as far as the technical abilities of Mr Polak are concerned, this cannot appeal to me in any way. Even thr acquaintances with famous persons such as Joey Tafolla, Deen Castronovo, Steve Vai, Falco and whatever their names may be don’t make this thing more agreeable or bearable, which should attract fans of these musicians (except for Falco) though, for especially lovers of highly precise guitar music should appreciate “Dreamscapes”.


Otherwise all other readers of "The Metal Observer“ be advised against this album and recommended the purchase of the latest work by DREAM THEATER, which drones out of the speakers in an equally perfect and flawless manner, but doesn’t come across so penetrantly sterile you lose the will to listen to it after the third song. Maybe these words are too harsh for a master of the guitars, despite all the technical proficency that is rubbed around your ears here, the moto for my humble personality clearly is: You can also overdo it.


In short, probably a revelation to some, because the notes are artfully juggled here, pure horror to me and thus not worth more than five points. Why five points, you’re asking? No idea, from a subjective point of view it probably would have been a zero. Sorry, away with it! (Online August 27, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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