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The Day Everything Became Nothing - Slow Death By Grinding (7,5/10) - Australia - 2004

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore
Label: No Escape
Playing time: 16:41
Band homepage: The Day Everything Became Nothing


  1. Fiends Applaud, The Gore Is Over >mp3
  2. Vin Cerro
  3. Nothing But Death
  4. Fuel For Hatred
  5. Mortem (Live)
The Day Everything Became Nothing - Slow Death By Grinding

The talk about Australia’s hard-boiled Metal formations should have spread long ago as far as brutality is concerned and gathered numerous fans all over the world. Just think about MORTAL SIN, NAZXUL, SADISTIC EXECUTION, ALCHEMIST and numerous other monsters from heavy metal hell. THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING may without doubt count themselves among the Metal genres heaviest category and on the disc, that is comprised of five songs, they quite quickly make clear that they don’t intend to take prisoners, but rather switch to frontal atack and cut an aisle of devastation into the countryside, the way you could feel dizzy.


Brutal Death Metal in the vein of SUFFOCATION, INCANTATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING and co drone out of the speakers and the enormously massive sound makes the five musicians’ brutish ideas hit the ear-drums heavily and hard. No doubt, THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING don’t reinvent the time-honoured Death Metal, but yet the presentation of their musical views can be considred quite positive and convincing. One who has such squeezing Death Metal breakers as “Fiends Applaud, The War Is Over” or “Fuel For Hatred” (a cover version by Norway’s SATYRICON by the way) in his catalogue doesn’t need to worry if he will draw the Death Metal community’s attention.


This should definitely become certain upon a short glance at the band’s work. And for those who are into sick cover artworks, too, THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING should be right up their alley. I won’t tell you more here, interested people should hesitate but get this thing. (Online August 29, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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