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Maniac Killer - Amusing Anecdotes For The Depraved (7,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Grindcore
Label: No Escape
Playing time: 37:19
Band homepage: -


  1. Kill For The Master >mp3
  2. Basement Depravities
  3. Meathouse
  4. Amputation Celebration
  5. The God Of Cum Filled Open Wounds
  6. Gutted Bitch Porno
  7. Cannibal Buffet Of Putrid Genitalia
  8. Ultra Pervo
  9. Knife Induced Degradation
  10. Masturbating In The Blood Dripping From The Dangling Freshly Butchered Corpse Of A 2 Year Old Child
  11. Hypnotic Gore
  12. Limb Separation Syndrome
  13. Sexually Violated With A Power Drill
  14. Taboo Rituals
  15. Gallery Of Mangled Whore Flesh
  16. Torso Fucktoy
  17. Porcine Bondage Rape Machine
  18. Exploited Meathook Candy
  19. Cum And See The Amazing Deformed Dildo Psycho Cunt Mangler
  20. The Evisceration Obsession
  21. Catharsis Through Utter Vaginal Disfigurement
  22. The Evil Lord Of Destruction 666
  23. Stalk And Slash
  24. Return Of The Whore Butcher
  25. Surrealistic Blood Bath
  26. Night Of The Clit Slasher
  27. Psycho Sexual Machete Frenzy
  28. Snuff
  29. Salacious Motives
  30. Torture
  31. Zombie Sex Slaves
  32. The Chainsaw. It Makes For A Convenient Dismemberment
  33. The Time Has Come To Kill Insanely And Rape Uncontrollably
  34. Fuckhole
  35. What Was Left I Kept And Molested In Various Ways
  36. Splatter Holocaust
  37. The Feast
  38. Now You Die!
  39. The Secret Life Of A Maniac Killer
  40. Mine Forever
  41. Gutted Worthless Victim
  42. Slicing Your Throat And Watching You Bleed In Amazement
  43. The Resurrection And The EndÖ
Maniac Killer - Amusing Anecdotes For The Depraved

You happen to love REPULSION, MORTICIAN, HAEMORRHAGE, older CARCASS or similarly morbid creatures out of the deepest abysses of Grind and Splatter Core? Well, then hereís good news for you, because I have another band from down there to throw at your hungry mouths. Let me present you MANIAC KILLER from The U.S. of A.! They cast the soundtrack to the apocalypse into notes and broke it up into 43 chapters of merciless, mind blowing velocity.


Surprisingly, there is only one man responsible for this acoustic madness. Maniac Neil, armed with instruments, horror and splatter movie samples and a grimly thundering drum computer, seems to have one goal: to destroy this stinking planet Earth with short but painfully brutal tracks. Thanks to insane shredding, vocal attacks which are hardly human anymore and the aforementioned samples and intros, this album could easily turn into a nightmare for those who are not used to this kind of musical inferno. MANIAC KILLER is evil (even very evil) and psycho through and through, and if you listen well and turn up the volume appropriately you may possibly hear his chainsaw and the tortured souls of his victims.


Have another wish? Donít think so, and thatís why I advise all blood sausage freaks, grind zombies and pathology students: Buy and feel well!!! (Online August 29, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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