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Dead Emotions - Gates To The Unseen (7,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Medusa
Playing time: 37:27
Band homepage: Dead Emotions


  1. Gates To The Unseen
  2. Silence Of My Damned Soul
  3. Dark Desire
  4. Zu Asche mein Haupt
  5. Vereinsamt
  6. Leidenschaft in Rot
  7. Behind Black Stars Astray
  8. Sacrifice
Dead Emotions - Gates To The Unseen
Doom/Death with Gothic-influences from Germany. Somehow you automatically think of CREMATORY, the band that you either love or hate, without much space in between. DEAD EMOTIONS from Bavarian Allershofen do play this style, but they are a good bit heavier than the now-split-up band and additionally feature some more variable vocals as well.

"Gates To The Unseen" also seems to be a part of the "New Wave of Bayrisch Heavy Metal", after VALLEY'S EVE, CRYPTIC WINTERMOON, STORMHAMMER, JESTER'S FUNERAL, FREEDOM CALL, LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE, SOMBER SERENITY, SIRENS, Hubi Meisel solo, HAGGARD and some more had already graced us with good to very good Metal-albums.

Variable songs, vocals as well clean as deathy, well thought-through song-structures, the five guys really manage to present us different moods, so "Vereinsamt", inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche, more than once reminds me of the Brits of MY DYING BRIDE, the structure, the clear voice…

The compositions all own a very goow flow, which in combination with the varying tempo always keep up the tension within the songs and positively surprise the listener from a normally pretty cliché-laden genre.

As the visual side also is convincing and the trusted Dreamscape-production satisfies just as well, I recommend "Gates To The Unseen", "Dark Desire", "Vereinsamt" and "Leidenschaft in Rot" to check it out, if you like this style, then you should also like DEAD EMOTIONS.

Alexander Melzer

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