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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - PREJUDICE - Dominion Of Chaos

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Prejudice - Dominion Of Chaos (8,5/10) - Belgium - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Two Fat Men
Playing time: 31:41
Band homepage: Prejudice


  1. Suffer
  2. Unobtrusive Hatebreed >mp3
  3. Undecided
  4. Obsolete
  5. Destructive Soul
  6. Convicted
  7. Resolved
  8. Remains
Prejudice - Dominion Of Chaos

ABORTED, IN-QUEST, LENG TCHE and now PREJUDICE, there's something going on in Belgium. PREJUDICE were formed in 1993, how they've managed to hide for so long is a mystery to me, though the answers to the mystery might lie in problems with record labels. (I base these speculations on the info I found on the promo sheet.) They started out as band playing a mix of Speed and Thrash Metal. After their first gig in 1993 they decided to head for a more technical direction, ending up with technical Death Metal. I'm obliged to add that the technical aspect doesn't steal the spotlight, giving pure brutality lots of elbow room. In my opinion they sound something in between DERANGED and ANATA, two great Swedish Death Metal bands, so sounding like a crossbreed between them has to be good.


"Dominion Of Chaos" starts out with a short sample that works good as an intro, 10 seconds is enough, at least in most cases, when we're dealing with intros. The album starter, "Suffer", reminds me of DERANGED, saying a lot about how brutal PREJUDICE can play it. There are also some of those shrieking guitar solos that adds to the overall brutality, a big plus when it's done right. The riffing on "Dominion Of Chaos" also comes in the category of doing things right. Throughout the whole album quality riffs stands in line, most of them played at an impressive speed. Fortunately PREJUDICE is one of those bands that knows when to kick into a lower gear to keep it varied enough to keep up the listeners interest. If PREJUDICE are able to play with this intensity and pure skill live then they are high up on my list of "Want to see live acts". With their 12 years of experience I reckon the chances are high that they sound great live.


When I listen to PREJUDICE I can't possibly understand how Death Metal needs a saviour. This might be a digression but I feel like writing some words about the magazine Terrorizer. Whenever they write about NILE (great band) they refer to them as the saviours of Death Metal. For the first a band like NILE doesn't need this hype as the quality of their music speaks for itself. Secondly Death Metal never needed any saviour in the first place. Just because your musical taste have changed over the years doesn't mean that the quality of Death Metal has gone straight to hell. I agree that there is some utterly boring Death Metal being pumped out at a steady pace, though I don't think you'll ever find a genre consisting of only pioneers who creates quality music at any time. To be honest I have underestimated the Death Metal scene myself, as PREJUDICE came from nowhere and hit me right on the nose and that has happened a couple of times this month already. THE RED CHORD and KILL THE CLIENT being other class acts that shows that Death Metal is in a far better state than claimed to be by Terrorizer. I guess I've wasted enough money on that magazine already, I recommend people to pay us a visit instead.


A playing time just above 30 minutes may seem a bit short for some but with this kind of brutality it's sometimes the right thing to do. What's sure is that "Dominion Of Chaos" contains no filler material whatsoever. My only real complaint is that the mix could be a bit better balanced (I'm starting to sound like self important prick, ain't I?). In my opinion the drums could be toned down a little bit, fortunately the drum sound itself is good, though a bit too dominant as mentioned earlier. Since I'm talking about drums I would also like to mention that the drummer himself is a talented fucker who keeps an impressively steady pace at any time. Since I've already mentioned that the guitarists are doing a great job I would like to write some words about the vocalist. Death Metal growls all the way is what you'll get when PREJUDICE plays on your stereo. Most Death Metal bands of today uses Black Metal shrieks in their music, not PREJUDICE though, keeping it Death Metal all the way, I like that.


PREJUDICE is recommended for those who like ANATA, LOST SOUL, DERANGED, MORBID ANGEL and such acts. (Online September 5, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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