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Nerthus - Scattered To The Four Wainds (7/10) - Austria - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: CCP
Playing time: 44:32
Band homepage: -


  1. Meadow-Lands Slumber
  2. Weeping Welkin
  3. The Mountains Rage
  4. Inanimated Frames
  5. Starlit Vesper
  6. Flashing Turmoil
  7. Mediumize
  8. Soaring Thoughts
  9. Windswept
Nerthus - Scattered To The Four Wainds
NERTHUS come from Austria, more precisely from the very west, where they speak a language not even the Austrians can understand. "Scattered To The Four Wainds" is the second album of the quartet, so what do we get? Well, take hefty Black Metal, mix it with melodic Black Metal and add a dose of Middle Age and you, simplified, have NERTHUS.

At times the Medieval Black Metal of early SUMMONING shines through, but that is only a part of the guys' sound, which, thanks to the contradiction of the more heavy and melodic passages and the two-kind vocals (grunts as well as shrieks that shake you to the core), has some appeal of its own. The focal point rather is on the melodic side of Black Metal, which is further underlined by the omnipresent keyboards, although they really get the ka-boom going every now and then.

The songs themselves are good and well-structured and draw their tension from the different parts, here cold and heavy, there melodic, pompous and majestic. Main point of criticism clearly is, as so often, the drum-computer, which cannot keep up the atmospheric level with its rather clinical sound.

The band shows its potential here, whereas they at the same time stand before the problem that especially this genre is overflowing and the drum-computer is detrimental to the over all impression. Still genre-fans should maybe check out "Scattered To The Four Wainds".

Alexander Melzer

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