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Reverend Bizarre - II: Crush The Insects (9,5/10) - Finland - 2005

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Spikefarm
Playing time: 73:26
Band homepage: Reverend Bizarre


  1. Doom Over The World
  2. The Devil Rides Out
  3. Cromwell
  4. Slave Of Satan
  5. Council Of Ten
  6. By This Axe I Rule!
  7. Eternal Forest
  8. Fucking Wizard
Reverend Bizarre - II: Crush The Insects

Once again REVEREND BIZARRE has chosen to bless us with an album full Doomier-than-thou Metal. Playing in the style of old-school Doom Metal acts such as PENTAGRAM and SAINT VITUS, REVEREND BIZARRE is ushering in a new dawn for Doom Metal, spreading the holy gospel of Doom through their wonderfully dark music. After releasing such awe-inspiring releases such as their debut LP “In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend” and a pair of hour+ EPs “Harbinger Of Metal” and “Return To The Rectory,” one has to wonder if the second official LP “Crush The Insects” is going to continue toting the same amount of quality. I mean, just how much Doom can three man contain?


The answer is “a hell of a lot.” Yet again, Albert Witchfinder (vocals, bass), Peter Vicar (guitar) and Earl of Void (drums) have released an album of crushingly quality Doomy goodness. In the style of “In The Rectory” this is not, however, as the REVEREND has decided to treat us to a much more Heavy Metal-influenced, faster-paced style. Opener “Doom Over The World” rocks out like no other and the quicker pace continues with “The Devil Rides Out” and “Cromwell.” These three songs are some of the fastest (re: least slow) songs that REVEREND BIZARRE has yet released and also some of the shortest (the shortest being around five minutes). Despite the increase in pace, these songs still destroy – you can’t help but sing along with “Doom Over The World,” and the rocking breakdown at the end of “The Devil Rides Out” will have your neck snapped like a twig.


Once the opening bass notes of “Slave Of Satan” kick in, however, the album shifts to pure, slow Doom annihilation. This version of the song is much shorter than the single version and is missing the opening chanting and incantation as well as the pouding climax, but within the context of the album, this song gains so much power! “Slave Of Satan” might be REVEREND BIZARRE at their Doomiest and that’s saying a LOT. Next up are “Council Of Ten” and “By This Axe I Rule,” two slow numbers with awesome lyrics and great fast sections. “Eternal Forests” is another long sorrowful tune, not unlike “The Hour Of Death” from “In The Rectory,” and “Fucking Wizard” is so full of SABBATH worship and sexual innuendo that it is instantly endearing. Quite simply, all of these tracks rock like no one but REVEREND BIZARRE can. Does “Crush The Insects” live up to the grandeur that was “In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend”? Well, that album was an absolute classic and only time will tell if “Crush The Insects” will achieve the same status, but it’s very likely.


In case you’re a little put off but the somewhat faster pace and increased dose of Heavy Metal in this release (yes, there are a few moments of high-pitched NWOBHM vocals which sound downright hilarious), don’t fret. The band’s next release “Songs From The Funereal World” is said to be the slowest and darkest slab of Doom they’ll ever record. If you have no prejudice about the apparation of the true Heavy Metal spirit mixed in with the REVEREND’s brand of Doom, you’ll find “Crush The Insects” quite tasty. DOOM WHAT THOU WILT! (Online September 8, 2005)

Wesley D. Cray

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