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Mortus - Exploring New Horizons (7,5/10) - Austria - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: CCP
Playing time: 47:06
Band homepage: Mortus


  1. The Last Disease
  2. Paradise
  3. Solace
  4. Deus
  5. Valhalla
  6. Fallen Love
  7. Venus
  8. Take It Away
  9. Traveler
Mortus - Exploring New Horizons
MORTUS - death comes from Austria. The quintet is darkly rocking here, after a pretty radical change of style compared to the debut, where they, allegedly, still had played Death/Thrash, yet which I do not know.

The opener "The Last Disease" conjures up the names of SENTENCED and DARKSEED a lot, which also at least partly defined the melange from dark Rock and Gothic Metal, but I do not want to imply that they copy either of the bands. Only the choice of weapons and the basic atmosphere is treading along the same paths, otherwise they manager to differ nicely.

Especially the vocal alternations between Thomson's growls and Jay's clear voice give the very catchy compositions their own note, which is further enhanced by the melancholic riffing. The tempo for the most part is slow- to mid-paced, the emphasis clearly is rather on melody and atmosphere than heaviness, which fits the Linz-based quintet really good.

If you'd like to check "Exploring New Horizons", take "Paradise" and the excellent "Valhalla", which, suiting the title, has very good choirs as well. All, who like dark Rock/Metal with different vocal-styles, should try out MORTUS' latest offering, because you get a very round (no, I do not refer to the CD itself ;)) album, which doesn't have any fillers, thumbs up!

Alexander Melzer

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