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Odroerir - Laßt Euch Sagen Aus Alten Tagen (7/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Ars Metalli
Playing time: 40:40
Band homepage: Odroerir


  1. Präludium
  2. Menosgada
  3. Salzschlacht
  4. Brudermord
  5. De excidio Thuringiae
  6. Iring
  7. Zur Taverne
  8. Dolmar
Odroerir - Laßt Euch Sagen Aus Alten Tagen
MENHIR - Fix - Folk Black Metal - Thuringia - Folk Metal - Fix - ODROERIR. You could form a train of thought for ODROERIR like this. ODROERIR (the poet's met in the Nordic legends) is the new (?) band of Fix of MENHIR-fame, who here is living out his faible for medievally influenced Folk Metal. And as with the MENHIR-albums his home of Thuringia is predominant in the lyrics, that's what I call local patriotism…

Anyway, musically the Germans follow a path full of pathos, here and there dangerously close to the border of kitsch, leaving the question open, if you really get something here that has not been there in this or a very similar way and if you then really need it. I personally do not have a big problem with that, maybe because I like this sub-genre in general…

What musically is mostly in the green, is less clear in the vocal-department. Singer Stickel in most places can convince with his pathos-laden voice, which time and again reminds me of PARAGON OF BEAUTY's Monesol, yet sounding a little powerless here and there, but co-singer Ivonne, well, I really miss power in her voice, which proves to be a stepping stone for the otherwise great, slow-paced "Iring".

But with "Zur Taverne" the band has created an almost perfect song for carouses, which even with me as declared non-alcoholic conjures up images of a raunchy and smoky tavern of the Middle Age, where wenches serve met and roasted boar… Ehm, where were I? Ah, "Zur Taverne". Swift, with an equally simple and effective melody, fitting lyrics, everything fits together here, a really good one!

For some the Folk Metal-wave might get a little too much by now and also with ODROERIR not all that glitters is gold, but you still get an enjoyable piece of music and all of you, who are thinking, if they should get it or not, you'd also miss "Zur Taverne" just as a side-note…

Alexander Melzer

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