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Cynical Bastard/Gastrick Burst/Unformed - Brutal Junkies (split) (-/10) - Germany/France - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Skull Fucked Productions
Playing time: 58:20
Band homepage: Cynical Bastard
Band homepage: Unformed


Cynical Bastard

  1. Pure Hate
  2. Find The Truth
  3. I Play God
  4. Feast Of Gore
  5. Death Is The Only Way


  1. More More Gore
  2. Eatmealive.Com
  3. Extreme Unction
  4. Cum Eating Bitches From Outer Space
  5. Oppressive Minority
  6. Like A Worm
  7. Chainsawdomy
  8. A Hacked Cunt For Lunch
  9. Swallow Shit

Gastrick Burst

  1. Bien Gras
  2. Jarret Dance Style
  3. Evil Mamies
  4. Yogurt Attack
  5. Patrick Burst
  6. Mutinerie Au Bureau
  7. Putain De Prince Charmant
  8. Rexona Man
Cynical Bastard - Brutal Junkies (split)

On the menu today we have 3 bands that serve music that can be describes as quite similar, probably the reason Skull Fucked decided to release them together on this split. Every one of them plays Brutal Death Metal of the kind that Death Metal fans and Death Metal fans only, can appreciate. Every band uses a vocal type that makes it hard to figure out even one word of what's being growled\puked\sung. The songs deal with death and perversities, common topics in this field of music.


If you are a fan of what the record label Unmatched Brutality is pumping out I guess you should lend an ear to the bands on this split as well. There are some quality songs on this split but as a whole it gets tiresome in my ears. I recently discovered a band called KILL THE CLIENT, take a listen to them if you want to know what kind of brutality I appreciate. I've listened through this split several times already and I still have problems hearing any real differences between the different songs. The winner, by a small margin, that is, on this split are the Frenchmen in GASTRICK BURST. Their songs sound most worked through and focused and they also have the best production values, kind of strange when you read that GASTRICK BURST regard themselves as better in making jokes than music, strange world yet again. (Online September 17, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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