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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - SABINAS REX - Praise The King–2005 Demo

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Sabinas Rex - Praise The King–2005 Demo (6/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 24:00
Band homepage: Sabinas Rex


  1. When
  2. Praise The King
  3. The Way Somewhere Else
  4. I Still See You
  5. The March Of Misery
  6. Forward Forever
Sabinas Rex - Praise The King–2005 Demo

SABINAS REX have but one objective they want to get through their music and I quote “to restore artistic value that has long since been lost from the tradition of modern music”. Sounds like someone’s still living in the 16th century hoping for a BACH resurrection, as long as your sound is honest and comes from the heart or whatever body part you choose to channel your passion it has some artistic value, (in Nu Metal they call it “value of a dollar”), oh wait, guess they’re right then huh?


Music today is say a zillion times more shallow than say two hundred years back. Keyboard virtuoso and experienced composer Vlado Kormos, primus motor of this multi-generational/multi-cultural project, comes from the honorary filter of music, you create your own vision by your own basis and that’s the common characteristics running through the tracks on this demo.


At ease with their concept, Vlado and his three accomplices have six atmospheric songs to go shopping for a record deal, if that is their intention of course. Unless they want to keep their symphonic and epic aura exclusive to only a few selected listeners, “Praise The King” should be promoted heavily to raise awareness on this well hidden moniker, granted they’re not exactly oozing with groundbreaking ideas but the knowledge and attitude definitely comes through in their compositions.


The fresh twist in their approach is the exception of drums leaving out those rhythmical stress outs in favour for purer, less stressed soundscapes in some of the songs. Keyboards have the prominent role creating colourful atmospheres, Vlado is a good song writer no doubt but the outcome is only half baked so to say. Be it the chaotic guitars on the title track, the unclear non gallant voice of Baron Misuraca on “I Still See You” (kudos for the industrial tinged ending) or the skinny sound holding back the weight of the arrangements… it really should’ve turned out better than this though I still love the fusion of female vocals and dreamy keys on “The March Of Misery”.


Although soothing and comforting, the show isn’t completely devoid of Metal elements. “When” has some ok Metal guitaring going on with some rather crappy Metal vocals and programmed drumming, nothing that’ll make your jaw drop miles down. The lightly Progressive Hard Rock tune “The Way Somewhere Else”, if adapted into a faster tempo, could’ve been fun but the atmospheric calms simply take the focus off track.


Execution and sound production are the courses they should definitely take before releasing their next effort, if you can get past the clumsy deliverance there’s some atmospheric value to be found. (Online September 22, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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