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Raised Banner - Cast In Nowhere (6/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 28:26
Band homepage: Raised Banner


  1. Labyrinth
  2. Inside Me
  3. Needs Death Release
  4. The Scar I Wear >mp3
  5. And His Tears Fell Down
Raised Banner - Cast In Nowhere

RAISED BANNER aren’t thinking of creating anything new, they try not to because hopefully they know about the unlimited approaches one can apply into Metal music today now that it has been promoted to “likeable surface music” as opposed to the “evil underground music” banner of the eighties. So what do you do, quit before even composing your first tune and never touch your instrument again? As long as you have ideas, though unoriginal they may be and want them out through art there’s only one way to do things, make it happen but don’t leave your burning dedication and creativity at home ok?


This German four piece plays some kind of Semi Progressive Melodic Death Metal, they’ve got a bit of near everything that is Metal and more, the songs are arranged properly making room for some interesting turns and of course they use multiple vocal styles, need I say there are clean vocals, didn’t think so. The music on “Cast In Nowhere”, which is their third demo by the way, covers Thrash, Death, Black, Power and the good ol’ Heavy Metal sound, every song is a hybrid of various extremes while stretching out for those important melodies that usually go with this style. For some reason there are no keyboards, I guess the “Elegy” (the acclaimed milestone made by AMORPHIS) worshipping would’ve been too obvious then hehe.


I won’t give them any high hopes here, they’ve produced five average yet idea filled songs, forget the obnoxious chorus centred “Inside Me” and make that four average yet idea filled songs, enjoyable to some extent. The experimentation with melodic vocals seems to be pretty loose as they appear here and there without having to fit the part. The two singers are ok, I really like the harmonies in “Labyrinth”, something about the tone though that says “ehh, did I do good? I can sing now…?”, like this is something new to them, pretty natural if you’re not sure on if you can sing any good.


Want a six minute ballad with more than just the traditional ingredients, no problem, how about a real old school thrasher then, you can get that as well. The problem is not that they can’t play and arrange stuff, it’s the accursed demo sound quality that doesn’t let the tracks fully shine. Don’t get me wrong, these are good tracks if you’re new to the genre but to a veteran who has a better view on how the style works it’ll seem boring. A good demo with one or two cool moments. (Online September 24, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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