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Dungeon - One Step Beyond (7,5/10) - Australia - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: LMP
Playing time: 48:11
Band homepage: Dungeon


  1. The Power Within >mp3
  2. Tarranno Del Mar >mp3
  3. One Step Beyond
  4. Against The Wind
  5. The Art Of War
  6. The Hunger >mp3
  7. Surface Tension
  8. Under The Cross
  9. Epilogue
Dungeon - One Step Beyond

After BLACK MAJESTY DUNGEON stand high in the hereditary line for the Australian Power Metal throne. After their debut “A Rise To Power“ two years ago already had met quite critical acclaim they now have forged the second sword with “One Step Beyond“ and just like their colleagues from the south of Australia the quartet around singer Lord Tim Grose also leads a very sharp blade, which should hit all traditionalists right into the heart and send all enemies of this sound straight to the dungeon.


The Australians have donned a very metallic shining armour and from the get go of the very up-paced opener “The Power Within” take no prisoners, but rush into the ranks of the enemies with a primeval force, leaving a path of Power Metal devastation, which makes up much of the lacking originality with energy, driving rhythm, tight riffing, high and powerful vocals, strong melodies, this is how you get a fan of this style going, no question.


And that they can diversify, too, is proved right after with the more than eight minute “Taranno Del Mar“, an a lot more epic track that transports us back into the times of the pirates, with an “ohohoh” pre-chorus, a very strong track that fits the Australians very well and to show even more versatility the very aggressive and fast title track, with a very catchy chorus, mows us down right after, really well done! “The Hunger“ sounds somewhat familiar, but in any way is a very, very catchy track that you can sing along at second listen already.


What I like about DUNGEON is that they tend to keep the riffing a bit heavier and next to never take off into the “happy” regions, we hardly get any bombast from the guys and the self-given description as “100% Pure Aussie Heavy Metal“ fits almost perfectly. Unfortunately the camp of DUNGEON has been shaken up quite a bit of late, which led to two members leaving the band and the other two folks laying DUNGEON to rest and continuing under the name of LORD – a pity… (Online September 25, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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