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IMP - Ashes In The Hourglass (2/10) - Netherlands - 2003

Genre: Metal
Label: Nu Paradigm Music
Playing time: 34:14
Band homepage: IMP


  1. Intro
  2. Successors
  3. The Demise Of Man
  4. The Last Descendant >mp3
  5. The Great Arrival >mp3
  6. Onslaught >mp3
IMP - Ashes In The Hourglass

What would you expect from a weird Power/Progressive/Thrash/Gothic Metal female fronted band, with a range of inspiration sources from SLAYER and DEATH to ICED EARTH and trying to make all this genres fit into a really simple and non skilled album? Well… just imagine the worst and that is what you’ll get. “Ashes In The Hourglass” is a disc that mixes a thrashy, blasting and fast rhythm, with a strings salad that I can’t really define cause is impossible to understand anything in the middle of those tangled noises and a vocalist that, even though having potential and making some good performances, especially on the first track “Successors”, makes everything possible to become a pain in our ass trying to be harsh and even flirting with some kinds of grunts.


Is there something in IMP that we could label as “good”? I consider myself a nice guy, who will try as hard as possible to find the positive side in newcomers and underground bands, but when I’m dealing with something that lacks structure, musical coherence and skills, there is not so much to do… Actually, I still think “Successors” is a listenable song, at least on its first half when Monica Janssen acts proper, like the woman with angelical voice she is and not like a rude girl wannabe and we still can think that we’re in front of just a nice THE GATHERING little brother or something (which was my first impression), but believe me; you don’t need more than 4 minutes to realize that IMP is much worse than a simple worthless clone. (Online September 25, 2005)

Daniel Barros

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