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Mistweaver - Age Of Darkness (8/10) - Spain - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Golden Lake Productions
Playing time: 48:53
Band homepage: Mistweaver


  1. Darkness
  2. Deadly Slander
  3. The Sun Turned Into Blood
  4. The Curse
  5. Malefica Non Patieris Vivere
  6. Malleus Maleficarum
  7. Baneful Winds
  8. De Profundis >mp3
  9. Eternal Rest
  10. Final Fight
  11. Melancholy
Mistweaver - Age Of Darkness

MISTWEAVER, the “slightly different” Death Metal band, hail from Northern Spain and present us with “Age Of Darkness” their third album. They emerged with a mini album named “Sol Obscurabitur” in 2000, after which they published two full length albums in 2001 (“Dream’s Domain”) and 2002 (“The Aftermath”). I don’t know these records, but I have to say that I really like “Age Of Darkness”. There are two main reasons for that. One is the fantastic, intriguing guitar work, and the other the richness of ideas which shows in their compositions.


What we get here, then, is traditional Metal riffing and symphonic keyboard passages on the one hand, but as well harsh up-tempo attacks on the other. You can really hear how much these guys from Burgos love what they do, and just sitting there quietly while listening to them is almost impossible. Even though the tracks are composed in a rather complex way, the arrangements are fluid. Check out “Baneful Skies”, which has a romantic touch, or “De Profundis“, which you can get as MP3 on the band’s homepage. 


Those of you who like rather unusual Death Metal bands with a unique sound, such as BAL-SAGOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH or MOONSPELL, should give this album a listen. Fans of straight material, on the other hand, better don’t bother. (Online September 27, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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