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Saprogenic - The Wet Sound Of Flesh On Concrete (7/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Deepsend Records
Playing time: 28:27
Band homepage: Saprogenic


  1. Occular Desication
  2. Foaming Rectal Seepage
  3. Prolapsed Trachea Fuck Toy >mp3
  4. Gluttonous Consumption
  5. Dripping Metaphilia
  6. Cerebral Regurgitation
  7. Ovulation Redirected
  8. Inhale The Effluence Of Decay
  9. Force Fed Excrement
  10. Remnants Of Cephalotripsy
  11. The Wet Sound Of Flesh On Concrete
Saprogenic - The Wet Sound Of Flesh On Concrete

Another decent exponent of the Brutal American Death Metal scene, SAPROGENIC play a fluid, yet varied style of the somewhat tiresome genre. The style itself shouldn't take much for you to imagine. The pounding drums, medicine textbook lyrics, guttural vocals and ferocious riff delivery with certain throwbacks to the likes of LIVIDITY or MALIGNANCY. What is quite impressive about "The Wet Sound Of Concrete" however, is that I can imagine myself choosing to play this again and indeed again as it doesn't seem to lose any of its initial appeal the same way many of its peers do.


The percussion work, while not technically excellent, performs a very important minimal role in the overall album. It blasts certainly, but, more importantly, it stops and seemingly this is an increasingly common flaw in similar bands. The beautiful "blast beat" has been tainted by over usage. Too many unrelenting bands need to realise what SAPROGENIC already have and that is that for such relentless pounding to sound extreme is needs something less to offset it in a similar way that if you touch something cool and something warm at the same time the sensation is very hot (i.e. more extreme).


The variation and balance of this album is spot on and this is particularly due to sublime high quality tremolo blasted riffage. Some of these riffs go far beyond what normal Death Metal is capable and climb so far above the ordinary that the reach the level of master. Such moments are rare on this album, but to be achieved at all is highly impressive.


In addition, the production of this album is what would generally be considered good. I on the other hand tend to really dislike the guitar sound. It has that slightly dry feel to it and ruins sections similar to the way it did on VADER's "Revelations." The dryness just doesn't fit in an album that should feel moist and dank and dirty and give off a sense of bottled odour of 3 week old rancid chicken. The sad thing is that every other aspect of the production and ALL of the music itself, does just that, which makes the disappointment all that more significant. (Online September 28, 2005)

Niall Kennedy

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