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Serial Butcher - Genocide Landscape (7/10) - Belgium - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Deepsend Records
Playing time: 18:33
Band homepage: Serial Butcher


  1. A First Grade Teacher's Pulpification >mp3
  2. Hospital Hecatomb
  3. Cum / Gut Expulsion >mp3
  4. Where Is The Rest of Me?
  5. Mangled In The Mortuary
  6. Brutally Bashed Baby Boom >mp3
Serial Butcher - Genocide Landscape

The latest in Belgium's increasingly impressive Brutal Death Metal army are SERIAL BUTCHER. The style has been described for the most part as a more brutal CANNIBAL CORPSE, and, for the most part, I agree. What we have here is a purely relentless onslaught of crushing riffs, which, even at their most intense, are always catchy, distinguishable and of a very high quality. What more then can a Death Metal fan want?


The quality of each individual segment is outstanding, with the exception of the good, yet standard, vocals. The percussion is fierce and relentless and the riffage makes use of some fantastic chugging rhythms and ultra fast tremolo strummed brutality as well as fantastic breakdowns. Moreover, the lead guitar work in this is fantastically melodious, as well as utilising the more traditional approach.


"Cum / Gut Expulsion" wanders away from the more Death Metal side of things and straight into Grind territory. This traditional old school riffage being thrown into this bassy and dirty production sound is fantastic. Other interesting moments occur in "Mangled In The Mortuary" when they briefly play DEEP PURPLE's infamous "Smoke On The Water" riff. All being said I've really enjoyed this EP, now bring on the full length. (Online September 30, 2005)

Niall Kennedy

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