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Retriem - Lead To Your Destiny (7,5/10) - Russia - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metalism Records
Playing time: 48:57
Band homepage: Retriem


  1. Outcast
  2. Curse >mp3
  3. Highway >mp3
  4. Death To Death
  5. Give Me A Chance
  6. Fighting Again
  7. What Was This World Created For?
  8. Lead To Your Destiny
  9. Rainfall
  10. Lonely Wolves >mp3
Retriem - Lead To Your Destiny

No, this is not a typo with another band named REQUIEM, this Russian sextet from Moscow indeed is called RETRIEM and “Lead To Your Destiny“ is its debut, that the band has been founded only in 2004 is something I was pretty surprised about, because the compositions sound pretty mature, so they must have been around for a while now. The chosen style is Power Metal, very European Power Metal with at times quite strong keyboards, but thankfully they do not push into the foreground as much as with many comparable bands.


Rather a “problem” in the band’s sound is the very clinical drum sound that seems to be strongly triggered, thus lacking the homogeneity that I am looking for in Power Metal. But if you can live with this, you will discover a Power Metal album that has several elements that set it apart from many releases of this style. The most important factor is the vocals of Alexey Tyshkevich, not only has he a good, powerful high voice, no, just like many of his countrymen he also sings in Russian and even though I do not understand a word, this language just has its very own sound that in my opinion greatly fits into Metal!


The songs are often double-bass-driven and very catchy, but the Russians manage to keep their compositions nicely variable and dynamic by nicely varying the tempo and through that alone showing more maturity than many other Power Metal b ands. The opener “Outcast“ is fast, but gears down into mid-tempo during the verse, while the following “Curse“ is mostly mid-paced, getting quieter in the verse and then suddenly breaking through with the double-bass and “Highway” reduces the heaviness quite a bit, but fully convinces in structure and melodies.


Songs such as “What Was This World Created For?”, “Lead To Your Destiny” or “Lonely Wolves” continue to show that RETRIEM might not re-invent Power Metal, but definitely keep it varied enough to keep the listener on their side and give the melodies enough depth not to get too sappy. “Lead To Your Destiny“ is an album that I can recommend to the Power Metallers among you and even though it is not ground-breaking it still has enough qualities to last! (Online October 1, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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