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Band history still to come.

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Adramelch - Broken History (10/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Underground Symphony
Playing time: 50:33
Band homepage: Adramelch


  1. Intro: Fantasia I
  2. I’ll Save The World
  3. Cluny Calls >mp3
  4. Choral Prelude
  5. Broken History
  6. Beloved Jerusalem
  7. Heap Of Bones >mp3
  8. Dethroned In Shame >mp3
  9. Darts Of Wind
  10. Different Times, Different Places
  11. Declaimed Prelude (The Bread And The Water)
  12. Ten Wiles (Much More Than Begged Mercy)
  13. Conclusion
Adramelch - Broken History

After a proud 17 years Italian ADRAMELCH raise their head again to show the Metal community how to combine heaviness with demand. Forget DREAM THEATER and their clones, the true masters are back on the field of honour. Any “Irae Melanox” fan will have waited with baited breath what was awaiting him, the status of this band is too legendary. Could they continue, where they had left of or would they ruin their myth? They can absolutely continue with their old heydays!


ADRAMELCH are a touch more accessible, even though the compositions still are pretty intricate. And comparisons with other bands do not work at all. The new album could only be put into the vicinity of LIEGE LORD, FIFTH ANGEL, WARLORD or SACRED BLADE. Maybe I could also mention older RUSH, just more Metallic and more classical. You’ll have to get used to the quite wilful, original and high vocals, though. Melodies and choruses that could only have been crafted by extraterrestrials blossom in this rose garden of Metallic art, with an infatuating scent, but also with some thorns. These thorns mercilessly stick to your memory and will only loosen up when you will die.


Each single song is beautiful, but still some songs stand out, like the ingenious calm “Heap Of Bones” that has extremely emotional vocal lines or “Darts Of Wind” that covers all possible facets. At times, as on “Cluny Calls”, the axes fly and that is good, because they emphasize the following calmer, more epic parts and this time the production also has turned out very good, not too fat, not too thin, no, with exactly the right balance. This album is like a pouch of water for the parched and I really ask myself, who should top this in a year of strong releases? (Online October 3, 2005)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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