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Haggis - Stormtroopers Of Hate (8/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Punk Metal
Label: Pure Impact Records
Playing time: 41:01
Band homepage: Haggis


  1. More War
  2. History Lesson #1 >mp3
  3. Stormtroopers Of Hate >mp3
  4. The Vikings Are Coming
  5. 21 Beers
  6. Poor's A Bore
  7. Skinheads In The Mist
  8. Alle Damer Er Horer
  9. Toss It In The Bin
  10. This Is Our Country
  11. Joey Ramone
  12. Look At Me When I Talk To You
  13. Hammersmashed Prostitute
  14. Hate & War
  15. L.B.V
Haggis - Stormtroopers Of Hate

Simple isn't the same as shitty, that's one of the things HAGGIS proves with their CD "Stormtroopers Of Hate". I've chosen to label their music as Punk Metal though I've read several places that HAGGIS are considered to be Norway’s only Punk Rock band. Anyway they also proves that Norwegians can play Punk music with the best of them, to be honest HAGGIS plays the best Punk this individual has ever heard. It must also be mentioned that I've heard a minimum of the Punk music this world has to offer. HAGGIS comes from a place in Norway that calls itself Stavanger, that city has fostered bands such as GEHENNA, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY (Change your name to Tragedy, please) and DISMAL EUPHONY.


"Stormtroopers Of Hate" starts with the spoken words of an individual that sounds like a drunken Englishman, proclaiming that HAGGIS are recognized by the trail of blood, broken bottles and gob they leave behind, quite an easy gang for the police to catch then. "More War" is the starter of the album and a very good start it is, setting the tone right away. A simple but good riff carries the song away accompanied with the aggressive shouts of Sturla The Bastard. Just listen to this one when your drunk and I promise that you'll get the most out of it. It's a fact that very few people become any smarter after consuming alcohol and therefore I'd like to recommend HAGGIS to anyone that's drunk.


My favourite song on "Stormtroopers Of Hate" is the one called "History Lesson #1". A very good bass and some hilarious lyrics are the icing on the cake here. It's safe to say that you'll fail your history exam if you use this lyric as a reference. I would also like to mention the song "This Is Our Country" just because it's one of those songs that makes "Stormtroopers Of Hate" a varied ride. Here they bring in some clear Country influences and they do it with style, fuck it almost makes we want to steal a horse and loot some farmers.


All in all HAGGIS are recommended to all of those who found out that Prog Rock aren't the thing when you want drink. Take a listen to the songs I've given a link to hear what HAGGIS is all about. Be sure to check out their home-page as well and see why I didn't dare to give this album a bad review. (Online October 4, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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