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Soilent Green - Confrontation (5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Hardcore / Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 44:12
Band homepage: Soilent Green


  1. Scarlet Sunrise
  2. Leaves Of Three >mp3
  3. A Scream Trapped Underwater
  4. Forgive & Regret >mp3
  5. 12 Oz. Prophet
  6. Southern Spirit Suite
  7. Pretty Smiles & Shattered Teeth
  8. Liquor & Cigarettes
  9. Theory Of Pride In Tragedy
  10. Fingernails On A Chalkboard
  11. Paper Cut
  12. They Lie To Hide The Truth
  13. Another Cheap Brand Of Luck
  14. This Glass House Of Broken Words
  15. A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem
Soilent Green - Confrontation

Perhaps this would have been better suited to another reviewer as the new SOILENT GREEN release doesn't fill me with the same excitement as it seems to do to others. In fact, considering that I'm not a fan and dislike the band, I have no excitement, nor expectation. Getting my prejudices out of the way here at the beginning means that you as a reader can decide whether or not my general dislike for the band, taints the following text with bias. Moreover, you could decide whether or not my lack of expectation means I won't be influenced by either the "rosetinted glasses" argument, or extreme disappointment.


Another thing to get off my chest at the outset is how much I fucking hate these Relapse promos. Fuck me, we don't need these songs split up into 99 parts. Anyone who tries to listen to this on Music Match Jukebox on a PC will sympathise with me there.


Now, finally, on to the music. To my ears this release has a nice strong bassy production without being overly extreme, thus leaving the material easily digestible and fairly accessible. To me this is a criticism, to others perhaps not. One thing that cannot be questioned however is just how fitting it is, as the groove laden Hardcore and Death Metal approach is on too much mellowing drugs to be crushing. For fans of the band members' other projects CROWBAR and EYEHATEGOD this may sound like a good thing because these elements have been lifted straight from the arsenal of said bands.


For the Death Metaller in you, the only people I can see liking this are those very much into PIG DESTROYER and CEPHALIC CARNAGE, but even that isn't guaranteed. The Phil Anselmo sounding vocals don't help me like this any more either. In fact, though they may have some attitude, they are so one dimensional that I simply tried to block them out after a while.


What strikes me is that, given my complete dislike of the style, the strength of some of the riffage really shines through given repeated listens. If some of the more infectious and slow riffs were combined with a little more ferocity and extremity, then this review could be a very different story.


Not being a fan, any comparison I make with previous efforts may be a little vague, but it does seem that less attention has been put on the Death Metal side of their sound this time round, thus making it even less palatable for me. Fans may like this (though even at that I hardly think it'll rock anyone’s world) but I don't. (Online October 5, 2005)

Niall Kennedy

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