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Entente - Outlined (5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 45:56
Band homepage: Entente


  1. The Phantom
  2. Innovation >mp3
  3. Itís My God
  4. The Picture Of Dorian Gray >mp3
  5. Jericho Falls
  6. Knight Of The Deplorable Shape
  7. Sometimes I Awake
  8. Eradication >mp3
Entente - Outlined

Thrash Metal from Germany. From the band photo you can already tell what this is about, when the KREATOR pullover hits your eye. Five people are somewhat uncommon for this style, but who cares. After all the result is what matters. Cover and booklet present themselves in a fiery black and yellow and they make you excited about the content.


Shockingly it sounds somewhat punky in the first songs and it is strongly reminiscent of the frontman of OFFSPRING as far as the vocals are concerned. Fortunately this condition doesnít last for too long, because partly really break-neck riffs are produced later on that are quite impressive. Unfortunately the voice stays awkward and unfitting to my mind, as it is very high-pitch and thin. Overall the sound has turned out very thin, for in a way guitars and drums sound much too quiet.


As the self-production of the soundís quality doesnít show any faults, though, it seems to have been an intention, which will stay unexplainable to me. They could have made drums and guitars a lot thicker, and maybe my judgement would have turned out differently then, but thus it stays not good but not bad either. If the next discís production is thicker and if a singer with talent is used, I would be interested in the record. (Online October 6, 2005)

Achim Hentschel

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