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1st Issue - Auszeit (7/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Modern Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 34:24
Band homepage: 1st Issue


  1. 2 Minuten
  2. Bestaendige Sicherheit
  3. 96 Jahre >mp3
  4. Ewigkeit
  5. Alltagssafari
  6. Noch Weiter >mp3
  7. Das Letzte Bild
  8. Leere Strassen
  9. Hot
1st Issue - Auszeit

Heavier than SPORTFREUNDE STILLER, less Industrial than RAMMSTEIN, more poppy than BÖHSE ONKELZ, much less punky than WIZO and more rocky than FARMER BOYS. Got it? Well, it’s not that easy, of course, but 1ST ISSUE are definitively somewhere between aforementioned acts. The German lyrics aren’t not my cup of tea, I mentioned the reasons before but somehow I’m over and over fascinated by such bands.


But 1ST ISSUE manage it to please me, the very well production and the diversified playing are two positive aspects of the sound of the Germans. Vocally, it’s also very decent, Corny has much to offer in terms of variation and the lyrics should be great for fans of intelligent German lyrics. Outstanding songs are “Beständige Sicherheit”, “Ewigkeit”, “Alltagssafari” and “Leere Strassen”.


Also the fitting packaging is great and fits to their sound and I don’t believe that they have to complain missing radio airplay because the entire album is very radio-friendly and I’m sure that it doesn’t take much time for the band to gain some fans. I hope it for them! (Online October 8, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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