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Revengia - A Decade In The Dark (7/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Metal Fortress Entertainment
Playing time: 45:23
Band homepage: Revengia


  1. Revengia
  2. The Evil Draughtsmen >mp3
  3. The Revenger
  4. Matricide >mp3
  5. Dying For An Answer >mp3
  6. Dirge
  7. Halloween
  8. Premonition Of Death
Revengia - A Decade In The Dark

That Lemmy bloke has obviously been making merry in Sweden sometime in the past and passed on his genes to provide the gruff and ready vocal tone employed by REVENGIA’S singer. What is also apparent is that the band is possessed of the same hit and miss style that the Warted One’s own band has suffered from on occasion.


“A Decade In The Dark” is an album of the hard and heavy for the most part, the sort of thing that would go down well at a biker show. It has that mix of mid tempo and slightly faster music with the odd slice of melody that will get folk nodding their heads when they’ve got some ale down their neck.


Some of the tracks here are a tad on the lack-lustre side, but opener “Revengia” is thoroughly enjoyable chuggalugga headbanging Metal. This song gallops along adding some solo work, plenty of lines to sing along to and is uglier than a troll at gas mark 4. The band show their cards early on, setting the scene for hard nosed riffs, tank track bass and plenty of thump from the drums. Production allows for a weighty sound and the character of each instrument is distinct.


What is evident is the fact that Heavy Metal is timeless, you could drop this album into any of the last three decades and it wouldn’t look out of place. There is a mix of traditional and contemporary here, just cock your ears back to “Matricide” with its rush and rumble composition and try and date it. You then get “Dying For An Answer” which is the most melodic track on the album and worthy of getting your lighter out for. Even this softer side of REVENGIA is still plenty rough enough around the edges and we most certainly are not talking anything like a ballad, perish the thought.


This is one of those albums that has all the elements for you to enjoy yourself, especially after being liberally soaked in beer. It is also an album that is unlikely that you will be playing on a regular basis after you have spun it a few times. It is a solid album, with plenty to hold interest, it just needs that little bit more. That’s only my opinion though and as a Hard Rock tinged Metal album you can’t really complain and when you are in the mood for it songs like “Halloween” will get them toes tapping. Even the Big Beards will be nodding away when their mates aren’t looking. (Online October 9, 2005)

Niall MacCartney

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