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Manticora - Roots Of Eternity (9/10) - Denmark - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Black Lotus Records
Playing time: 57:08
Band homepage: Manticora


  1. ...From Far Beyond
  2. When Forever Ends
  3. The Vision
  4. Intoxicated
  5. Beyond The Walls Of Sleep
  6. Nowhere Land
  7. The Flood
  8. Pale Faces
  9. Private Hell
  10. Roots Of Eternity
Manticora - Roots Of Eternity
Three years ago, a Danish quartet named MANTICORE released a 5-track-CD titled "Dead End Solution" and won me instantly with its refreshing power. In the meantime the band is called MANTICORA (why ever) and has been signed by the Greek Black Lotus-label, which now has fired the full-length-debut "Roots Of Eternity" into the awaiting crowd.

After a short intro, "When Forever Ends" is thundering out of the speakers, with a refreshing, ehm, freshness. Even here you realise that singer Lars F. Larsen's voice is not squeaking in highest highs, but sings in a pleasantly middle pitch, what is a welcome variation to the mostly exchangeable colleagues of the eunuch-category (no offence intended). Musically MANTICORA play heavy, melodic Power Metal, which is no stranger to fast, nearly thrashy ("Nowhere Land") nor calmer, more emotional passages ("Beyond The Walls Of Sleep") and also finds much variation in long tracks like "The Flood" and "Roots Of Eternity".

So who is searching for a refreshing Power Metal-album (yes, I know, this review has turned out to be very "fresh" today), has found the right one with MANTICORA, also because they are not using the same old HAMMERFALL/STRATOVARIUS-tracks, but have (quite successfully) chosen their own way!

Alexander Melzer

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