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Goddess Of Desire - Awaken Pagan Gods (8/10) - Netherlands - 2005

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Armageddon Music
Playing time: 43:52
Band homepage: Goddess Of Desire


  1. Awakening The Gods
  2. March To Meet
  3. Dead End Street
  4. Holy War
  5. Bloodstained Sight
  6. Awaken Pagan Gods
  7. Demolition
  8. Victory Is Mine
  9. Scream For Metal True >mp3
  10. Booze
  11. Nothing's Free
  12. Majesty Of Metal
Goddess Of Desire - Awaken Pagan Gods

Oh, there are my Dutch friends of decent Hammer Metal that is so true you could scream. Memories of the heroes of the eighties are a must and there are all manners of references to RUNNING WILD, VENOM, CARNIVORE, CELTIC FROST and, of course, MOTÖRHEAD. Unfortunately they don’t quite reach the ingenious “Conqueror’s Divine” from 2002. They’ll probably never top this album again…


Mox nix, as the Bavarians say – nevertheless, the album is a decent offering in terms of Heavy Metal for old warriors, drinkers and cowl-wearers – or for all of them. Check out tip “Victory Is Mine”, an anthem with a proll-factor of 10. You don’t even notice the most drunken of all voices here (so confidently bawl along) – that’s how fucked up the guys sound here…Or “Booze” with its blast passages! The Lemmy tribute mustn’t be missing either, and this time it’s called “Nothing’s Free”. Cool shit!


The fun factor is immensely high here! Maybe the album is too happy – after all you can’t be drunk all the time…But it also works without alcohol… (Online October 12, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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