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Avalanch - Llanto De Un Héroe (8,5/10) - Spain - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Flame
Playing time: 62:31
Band homepage: Avalanch


  1. Intro
  2. Torquemada
  3. Por Mi Libertad
  4. Pelayo
  5. Vientos Del Sur
  6. Polvo, Sudor Y Sangre
  7. Cid
  8. Idias De Gloria...?
  9. No Pidas Que Crea En Ti
  10. Cambaral
  11. Aqui Estaré
  12. Llanto De Un Héroe
Avalanch - Llanto De Un Héroe
Spain is the home of AVALANCH, who are presenting us with their second album now, contrary to the debut "The Eternal Flame", only in Spanish this time around.

Musically they haven't changed much, mostly fast Power Metal of European style with high-calibre songs and overall at least one level above most of the Italian combos. I know that some of you might have their problems with the Spanish lyrics, but for me that is just another positive point of difference to the majority of their genre-colleagues.

As highlights I'd like to mention "Torquemada", which is fast and crisp, the awesome ballad "Vientos Del Sur", where vocalist Victor Garcia shows his full class, and the keyboard-underlaid Power/Speed-cracker "Cid". Who likes the mentioned style, cannot make a mistake with "Llanto De Un Héroe" for sure, guaranteed!

Alexander Melzer

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