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Atlain - Living In The Dark (9/10) - Germany - 1984/2005

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Rusty Diamonds
Playing time: 53:20
Band homepage: -


  1. Hallowed By The Priest
  2. Living In The Dark
  3. Sinner
  4. Dig It
  5. Satanica
  6. Sphinx
  7. Thousand Nights In Hell
  8. Hold Back The Night
  9. Evil Forces
  10. Brainstorm (Live Bonus Track)
  11. Fast Attack (Live Bonus Track)
  12. Break Down Your Neck (Live Bonus Track)
  13. Space & Time (Live Bonus Track)
  14. Waste (Live Bonus Track)
Atlain - Living In The Dark

ATLAIN from Herne were a cult band in the 80s. They had two records, “Living In The Dark” (1984) and “G.O.E.” (1986). Their style was typical German Metal a la BRAINFEVER, STEELER, GRAVESTONE or STORMWITCH. Nothing extraordinary, it was “only” speedy Metal with simple, catchy melodies and chants. Their vocalist Peter Müller was surely not the best in terms of technics but he had a very distinctive voice…


One had to forgive his horrible pronunciation because this man had more charm and originality than most singers today. In times with all that Kiske, Dickinson and Tate copies, it’s a pleasure to hear such an individual voice! The production is also not a first-class work, but those were the times and personally, I really like this raw sound… This is rough and Metal! As bonus, we get additional five live tracks, but they aren’t necessarily – the sound is really terrible… Otherwise an absolute cult album and a must-have for German Metal fans! (Online October 13, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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