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Divine Empire - Method Of Execution (8,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 58:11
Band homepage: Divine Empire


  1. Vowed Revenge
  2. The Mauler
  3. Surgical Strike
  4. Dungeon Mask
  5. Shadow Of Violence
  6. Prelude To The Storm
  7. Storm Of Hatred >mp3
  8. Random Beheadings
  9. Incarcarated
  10. Judge, Jury & Executioner
  11. Terror Zone
  12. Sanctionized Homicide
  13. Impervious Deception
  14. Kill The King
  15. Murderous
  16. Reduced To Ashes
Divine Empire - Method Of Execution

Former MALEVOLENT CREATION members Jason Blachowicz (vocals/bass) and J.P. Soars (guitars) together with drummer Duane Timlin (ANAL BLAST) offer us their already fifth DIVINE EMPIRE album “Method Of Execution”. Regarding their former bands, it’s obvious, that this must be a Death Metal machine.


DIVINE EMPIRE are something like the logical step forward of MALEVOLENT CREATION. More melody, more technique and more diversity, these are the facts, which discerns these two bands. But you can still hear on “Method Of Execution” from which band Jason and J.P. came. The songs are full of blast parts, insane rhythm changes and a brutality, never gets lost despite their improved technique. Besides MC, DEICIDE would be a comparison and sometimes also NILE. Jason Blachowicz is still a Death Metal singer but he also uses some Black Metal screams. The highlights are the atmospheric opener “Vowed Revenge”, the following “The Mauler”, “Judge, Jury & Executioner” as well as “Prelude To The Storm” with its classical strings. There is no filler within the 16 songs. But there are surely some rather averaged songs like “Terror Zone” but this is nothing surprising on such a long Death Metal work. The production is powerful and can easily keep up with other current records of the Death Metal scene. Especially the drums are punishing. You can’t ask for more.


So if you like US Death Metal, I urge you to check DIVINE EMPIRE out. This three-headed group kicks some ass and they are an outstanding group within this genre due to their diversity. “Method Of Execution” is a strong release of DIVINE EMPIRE, but they don’t reinvent the wheel.


Check out tips: “Vowed Revenge”, “The Mauler”, “Prelude To The Storm”… (Online October 14, 2005)

Patrick Weiler

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