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Cirith Ungol - Paradise Lost (8,5/10) - USA - 1991

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Restless
Playing time: 48:33
Band homepage: Cirith Ungol


  1. Join The Legion
  2. The Troll
  3. Fire
  4. Heaven Help Us
  5. Before The Lash
  6. Go It Alone
  7. Chaos Rising
  8. Fallen Idols
  9. Paradise Lost
Cirith Ungol - Paradise Lost
One of the most obscure and best Yank-bands without a doubt are CIRITH UNGOL. After having set one foot into hell and also defeated the king of the dead, new adventures full of frost and fire had to be undertaken. The fourth adventure is called "Paradise Lost" and cannot fully reach the previous efforts. But still I do not talk about a weak album at all, heh!

Songs like the hymnic opener "Join The Legion" could be the band-hymn overall. The following "The Troll" is a very good stomper par excellence, Tim Baker's crass vocals still are the foundation of the UNGOL-Sound. You can only either love him or hate him. He scolds like a demon through the botany, he is the troll! Then this record has the closing three epics "Chaos Rising", "Fallen Idols" and "Paradise Lost". These three divine donations should be known be everybody. They are among the best that CIRITH UNGOL have ever done.

Even though the band itself is not fully satisfied with the album, I have to say that "Paradise Lost" is a hammer-album. Only songs like "Heaven Help Us", "Before The Lash" or "Go It Alone" do not seem to fully fit on the album. Would be good songs for other Melodic-bands, but at CIRITH UNGOL they just do not fit! Not to forget the cool cover of Arthur Brown's "Fire".

And what's mandatory for every "real" CIRITH UNGOL-record? Of course a great Michael-Whelan-cover, which, of course, also "Paradise Lost" does have. Unfortunately the album is pretty hard to get by now, good luck at eBay!

Falk Kollmannsperger

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