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Mindripper - Kahos Humana (7,5/10) - France - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Adipocere
Playing time: 41:14
Band homepage: Mindripper


  1. Intro
  2. Gardiens >mp3
  3. Proclamateurs De Le Paix
  4. Larmes
  5. Deny
  6. Ce Jour La
  7. Dans Les Veines
  8. Evanghellion
Mindripper - Kahos Humana

Many of you may delight in eating out and trying new taste sensations to excite the palette. Many of you can translate that desire into your musical preferences, which is rather jolly. Where would MINDRIPPER sit on our gastronomic adventures? I’m inclined to suggest far away from measly dribbles, nibbles and drizzles found on the platters of poncy restaurants and more liable to say they are thick crusty bread sandwiching a mature cheddar with the occasional dollop of pickle.


“What bollocks is he talking now?” I hear you say. Well, basically this is straight forward, no nonsense Black Metal for the most part with elements of Death and Thrash added to maintain interest. We are not talking instant classic here, but it is a grower and there are plenty of little distractions throughout “Kahos Humana” to keep your finger well away from the skip button.


This is mature stuff, devoid of keyboards and operatics but still infused with plenty of melody. The guitars do the talking and slice through the seven tracks proper like a shovel through shit and like that odious but necessary substance sticks in the mind like it does to the blade. There is plenty of chuggery bringing down the pace to allow for a breather every so often but for the most part we are treated to rapid progression, though it’s far from being a race to the finish.


The vocalist delivers the lyrics in a mucho agressissimo fashion, you can hear one or two vocal cords parting if you listen hard enough. The guitarists are having their arms pulled out their sockets by AMON AMARTH on one side and OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT on the other. Drums and bass add plenty of ruck and rumble, pity any small creatures that can’t get out of the way.


Where MINDRIPPER have got their craft right is in the building of movement. They are highly adept at cranking up the pace in a measured way so that when they go full throttle you have a grin of anticipation and are ready to run with it. They also add in some highly melodic moments such as on “Larmes” however there is no cheesiness at all as a result. Some of the tracks demonstrate a sense of the epic, akin to the rise and fall of a sea crossing, though this is more of a hint than full blown saga telling.


A good effort then, which is more than likely to be blasting out of the car stereo on the odd occasion in the future. I don’t think MINDRIPPER need to do much more to start kicking at the heels of the big boys. So folks, why not gorge yourself on this cheddar? (Online October 21, 2005)

Niall MacCartney

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