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Spirit Disease - Redemption Denied (7/10) - Finland - 2005

Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: Two Fat Men
Playing time: 17:43
Band homepage: Spirit Disease


  1. Everyone Must Die >mp3
  2. Sadistic Related Abortion >mp3
  3. Torment And Pain
  4. Horse (Xim Esrepnarouh)
  5. Redemption Denied
  6. The Extinction Of Subhuman Kind >mp3
  7. Evil Dead
Spirit Disease - Redemption Denied

As all fans of Metal should know by now, Finland has its share of Metal bands. To be honest most of them don’t appeal to me, as a whole lot of them play Power Metal or other forms of Metal that I don’t care too much about. Fortunately for me SPIRIT DISEASE play a form of Metal that I can relate to, it’s a mixture of different forms of Extreme Metal such as Death, Thrash and Black Metal. The promo claims that there are some Grindcore influences to be found in the mix as well, but those influences weren’t found by me.


What I found, however, was a band playing an intense form of Metal that holds good quality throughout the 17 minutes it lasts. The vocalist can be said to perform a vocal type that has more in common with Black Metal than Death Metal, though it has became fairly normal for Death Metal bands to use a more high pitched vocal form than those used by, let’s say, Chris Barnes and his fellow grunters. While I’m at it I would also like to add that Mr. Taskula does a very good performance, as it sounds like he is really putting his heart and soul into it. Although SPIRIT DISEASE are a fairly new band it’s easy to hear that the different members played their instruments long before they joined this band.


With six songs in only 17 minutes (The song “Horse” lasts only 4 seconds and it sounds like something went wrong while getting it over on plastic) it’s clear that SPIRIT DISEASE cut straight to the bone, not a band for those who prefer Progressive Metal in other words. The songs on “Redemption Denied” follows the same recipe, except for the song “Evil Dead”, which is, as many probably already knew, a DEATH cover. And a good cover it is as well, my favourite song on this MCD in fact. Time will show if SPIRIT DISEASE are able to put out a full length that holds the same quality as the songs on “Redemption Denied”, I believe that their chances are good, as I find “Redemption Denied” to hold good quality. Recommended for fans of the Swedish way of making fast Metal. (Online October 26, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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