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More about Subliminal Crusher

Country of origin: Italy
Founded: 2002
Status: Active
Official homepage: Subliminal Crusher

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Band History - Subliminal Crusher (Online Oct 2005)

Subliminal Crusher


SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER, like every thing or concept that exists but there isn't, like an illness that breaks out of your wellness, like an imposition you have heard of but nobody has never given, like an imperceptible melody that enters and slaughters you because it stays in your mind.


We propose our "modus vivendi", determination and energy, providing our picture of existence! Our songs talk about the reality of each day, about what is shown from the faces of the people we meet, we sing about life that flows places side by side.


The SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER project started in the winter of 2002, from an idea of Jerico and Rodeath, with the aim to throw their Thrash souls in songs with lyrics in English language, in parallel with the full Italian Project S.R.L.. The intention was carried on with the entrance of Elvys and his distortion, after that the first arrangements were realized. In the spring of 2003, Tooz the howler joins the band. After the writing of his thoughts the band entered the recording studio for its first demo.


Finally, in September 2003, the lineup was completed with the arrival of long-time friend and fellow HatewerK, filling the 2nd guitar slot. Now the band is ready to bring its music on the road, while completing the mixing process of the record.

Current Line-Up:
Elvys Guitars

HatewerK Guitars

Jerico Bass

Rodeath - Drums

Tooz - Vocals

Previous members:




Elvys Guitars

HatewerK Guitars

Jerico Bass

Rodeath Drums

Tooz Vocals

2005 "Antithesis" - New LM Records

Total playing time: 44:50

  1. Fuck-Simile
  2. Affection
  3. Technocratic
  4. I.R.A.Q.
  5. Slavery
  6. Fearbox
  7. Unfertile Suggestion
  8. Poetry
  9. Into The Pit (Testament Cover)

Life Drought

Elvys Guitars

Jerico Bass

Rodeath Drums

Tooz Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Life Drought" - Independent

Total playing time: 27:55

  1. Armageddon
  2. Sense Of Impotence
  3. History >mp3
  4. Terrifying Symphonies
  5. Life Drought >mp3
  6. Affection >mp3
  7. Outro
  8. Pull The Plug

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