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Belphegor - Infernal Live Orgasm (7/10) - Austria - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Phallelujah
Playing time: 50:11
Band homepage: Belphegor


  1. March Of The Dead
  2. Purity Through Fire
  3. Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
  4. The Last Supper
  5. No Resurrection
  6. Swarm Of Rats
  7. Diabolical Possession
  8. Blackest Ecstasy
  9. Requiem Of Hell
  10. Der Untergang Pt II
  11. Graves Of Sorrow
  12. Hellbound
  13. Vomit Upon The Cross (Video)
  14. Purity Through Fire (Video)
Belphegor - Infernal Live Orgasm
As it is mentioned in the title, this new album from the most evil Austrian band ever is a live album. But it's not a 'simple' live album. First of all, the general sound is very decent, which is not so easy to make when you see the brutal style of BELPHEGOR.

Then, it's also more than decent when it comes to the playing abilities, and the tempos are even a bit faster live than on the albums. So it's quite positive concerning the eight live tracks. But let's get to the rest of the album, because there are many things. First, there are two old demo-tracks, so the sound is not so good, but there's a good feeling, showing us that already ten years ago, BELPHEGOR (back then still under their old name BETRAYER - Alex) knew what and how to play. Add to that two brand new tracks, "Swarm Of Rats" and "Der Untergang Pt II", in the same vein as their former albums, which means half way between MORBID ANGEL and DARK FUNERAL. To conclude the whole thing, two videos are also available: a more than average live one for "Purity Through Fire", with a very bad sound, and a video clip of "Vomit Upon The Cross", with nice girls in it, but that will certainly never be shown on TV.

Anyway, that's quite a nice album for the fans…

Thomas Bonnicel

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