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Corpsefucking Art - War Of The Toilet Gear (9/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Goregiastic Records
Playing time: 35:39
Band homepage: Corpsefucking Art


  1. Scooby Doom >mp3
  2. War Of The Toilet Gear
  3. Sachertorture
  4. I Cum Glue
  5. The Shower Must Go On
  6. Corpsex III [The Secret Ingredient]
  7. They Won’t Stay Dead
  8. Once Upon The Motocross
  9. Seis Seis Seis [Ricky Martin Version – BRUJERIA cover]
  10. Stop That Pigeon
  11. Winnie The Poo
  12. Gorissimo
Corpsefucking Art - War Of The Toilet Gear

To get straight to the point: “War Of The Toilet Gear” is the Brutal Death Metal album of 2005 for about a thousand reasons, though I’m only going to extradite a few of them here. Surprisingly, this record is only the group’s sophomore effort; however, CORPSEFUCKING ART have existed since the mid-‘90’s (1995 to be exact), which makes them a decade old. And, the experience has paid off.


Humour and Brutal Death Metal aren’t exactly paired on a consistent basis, but “War Of The Toilet Gear” is oftentimes hilarious in a CROTCHDUSTER sort of way. That is, the lyrics are quite absurd, the band play on words sometimes and CORPSEFUCKING ART aren’t all concerned about their nonsensical image. The latter is a good thing, because there’s perhaps nothing as sickening or revolting as a band that takes themselves too seriously. The song titles and lyrics are just as noteworthy as the musical performances and songwriting, in my opinion. Charming is the bastardization of cultural references such as “Scooby Doom,” “The Shower Must Go On,” and “Winnie The Poo”; plus, the tongue-in-cheek allusions to CANNIBAL CORPSE (“I Cum Glue”) and DEICIDE (“Once Upon The Motocross”) are simply drop-dead funny. Like I said, the lyrical ruminations are amusing too, though it’s apparent that English isn’t these Italians’ first language. And, needless to say, the musicianship and songwriting manifested on “War Of The Toilet Gear” aren’t breathtaking, but they are a display of efficacy and the production is as clear, crisp and refreshing as a Diet Coke.


Besides all the attributes I’ve listed thus far, “War Of The Toilet Gear” has managed to stash even more redeeming qualities such as numerous, recognizable soundclips and well-placed ones at that. So, couple the razor-sharp humor with above average Brutal Death Metal and the result is that of CORPSEFUCKING ART. At thirty-five minutes, the disc is a sizeable portion of must have brutality. Buy this one. No, seriously. (Online November 13, 2005)

Jason Jordan

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