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Presence Of Mind - Finding Home (7/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: STF Records
Playing time: 48:27
Band homepage: Presence Of Mind


  1. Turn The Page
  2. Easy >mp3
  3. Drowning >mp3
  4. Stay For Good
  5. Dig Me Out
  6. Silence
  7. Your Hand In Mine
  8. Bushfire >mp3
  9. Something That's True
  10. I'm Sorry
  11. Almost Like Fitting Into Life
Presence Of Mind - Finding Home

With PRESENCE OF MIND we have an all-girl band you shouldn’t reduce to the TITS AND ASS principle. Because firstly they write their music themselves and secondly we are not confronted with casted models. This is rather four girls from next door that want to complete their dream and defy the Lord.


They are withput doubt able to do so, although I want to say that this is not a pure Metal band. PRESENCE OF MIND play energetic, emotionally heavy Rock music with Pop appeal, Indie touch and a slight Gothic tinge now and then. Fans of LACUNA COIL down to DIE HAPPY should check it out. Songs such as the opening three-piece “Turn The Page”, “Easy” and “Drowning” make you pretty hungry for the four chicks’ music, but there still is the other side of PRESENCE OF MIND, the angry one…And it is not my cup of tea, it sounds too artificial to me. Songs such as “Bushfire” or “Dig Me Out”, where they rather grunt and shout, remind me of the GUANO APES, and I don’t like them at all. In contrast to this the band has two definite aces up their sleeves in the smasher “Silence” amd the dreamy “Almost Like Fitting Into Life”.


Wie gesagt die Truppe hat Potential, welches noch nicht 100 % ausgeschöpft ist, die heftige Seite der Band finde ich nicht so prickelnd – wobei der Mix aus treibenden Indierockern und fragilen Popsongs mit der wunderschönen Stimme von Sarah Steinbrecher eindeutig auf der Gewinnerseite stehen. (Online November 14, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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