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Cerebral Effusion - Smashed And Splattered Organs (8,5/10) - Spain - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Goregiastic Records
Playing time: 29:09
Band homepage: Cerebral Effusion


  1. Horror And Torture Beyond The Agony
  2. The New Gynaecologycal Method
  3. The Pleasure Of The Absolute Domain
  4. Hidden Insanity
  5. Addiction
  6. Smashed And Splattered Organs
  7. Hatred
  8. Nymphomaniac Collector
  9. Flesh Art >mp3
Cerebral Effusion - Smashed And Splattered Organs

CEREBRAL EFFUSION are a misogynist’s dream, though it’s not like one can understand what Cosme is uttering without cracking the liner notes. At any rate, “Smashed And Splattered Organs” is another premiere release from the Brutal Death-loving Goregiastic Records and it’s one that rivals even the best in show.


This four-piece, Spanish outfit are much more straightforward than their labelmates, which is definitely going to divide a listening audience. I prefer the oddity known as CORPSEFUCKING ART to the serious-minded CEREBRAL EFFUSION, but the latter haven’t skimped on a single, imperative attribute. While devoid of humor, “Smashed And Splattered Organs,” atones for it by providing splendid instrumentation, accompanied with paralyzing songwriting. I’m sure the quartet oft practiced late into the night and of particular interest is the double-bass drumming that punctuates the whole of the record. Also, it goes without saying that the band are uncontrollably fast and the music itself is pierced by Cosme’s husky vocalizations quite often, except during the title track’s instrumental reign. And the production leaves absolutely no room for complaints, which tends to be rare when dealing with Brutal Death Metal.


With “Smashed And Splattered Organs,” CEREBRAL EFFUSION have crafted an excellent, auspicious album, if you don’t mind being drenched with gore. This doesn’t measure up to “War Of The Toilet Gear” (CORPSEFUCKING ART), but second place is nothing to be ashamed of. Alas, my Goregiastic Records pile is now nonexistent. I had a great time while it lasted, though. The benefits don’t all have to go to me: if you’re swayed by Brutal Death, then immerse yourself in Goregiastic Records’s roster. You’ll thank me later. With money. And lavish gifts. (Online November 14, 2005)

Jason Jordan

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