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Negator - Die Eisernen Verse (10/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Remedy Records
Playing time: 40:25
Band homepage: Negator


  1. Eisen Wider Siechtum >mp3
  2. Old Stigma
  3. Türme >mp3
  4. The Answer To All Questions
  5. Honour Demise
  6. Gloomy Sunday
  7. Das Erbe
  8. Die Eherne Replik >mp3
  9. Harvester Of Storm
Negator - Die Eisernen Verse

BOOM...holy shit! Intro? Ah, fuck intros, they don’t need intros. “Die Eisernen Verse” begins like “Old Black” already began: Right into your face. Everyone who likes Swedish Black Metal will definitely be delighted by this album, because what the German NEGATOR present us with their most recent release is just bloody amazing!


Those guys truly know how to combine raging blastbeats, tramping double bass attacks, serrating guitars and great vocals to create an awesome album which by the way sounds very unique, which is astonishing, considering the quite conventional ingredients.


They really got the hang of combining great melodies (without using a keyboard of course) with immense heaviness and thus create songs with a unique style. This time they even added acoustic guitars to their material, which adds a new dimension to their music and makes it even more interesting. Listen to them and you’ll see what I am talking about. Furthermore they manage to alternate from heavy into “soft” passages, without making it sound interfering or contrived. This album has a tremendous power which is even more emphasized by well placed “breathers”...ingenious!


Their songwriting matured, everything seems monolithic, which means that the 9 tracks seem harmonious and result in an excellent overall view. Everything fits, nothing seems compelled or misplaced. A flawlessly forged piece of Black Metal...perfect!


Last thing to mention would be, that there’s a 2 Disc Version available (which I purchased) which includes the album and a bonus DVD with background info about the making of “Die Eisernen Verse”, live video clips of all “Old Black” songs as well as some wallpapers. But as we care about the music and not about the bonus material this won’t affect the valuation, although it’s a really nice idea to release this kinda stuff. And come on...they don’t need this to increase their rating.


10 out of 10...congratulations folks...Way to go! (Online November 15, 2005)


Guest reviewer Sascha Denneler

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