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Towersound - s/t (7/10) - France - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Brennus Music
Playing time: 65:46
Band homepage: Towersound


  1. Prelude To The Tale OfÖ
  2. Towersound
  3. Devils Of The Night >mp3
  4. Shine Over Me
  5. Hellís On The Speedway
  6. Bring Your Life To Light
  7. My Wild Rose >mp3
  8. Itís A Good Day To Die
  9. Final March, Last War >mp3
  10. Enchanted Alloy
  11. Doomed At Dawn
Towersound - s/t

When you know that this band recorded their album on their own, in their home studio, it is easier to pass over their sound, which would really deserve some quality time in studio. So letís concentrate on their music instead of focusing on the lacking sound.


Quite an effort TOWERSOUND did with this debut album. This band will do some serious damage with their highly melodic Heavy Metal, as soon as they will have the chance to showcase their music with a better sound. The major problem is that it lacks the heaviness this type of music needs. You are left with a half full stomach after you finish digesting this 11 track long album. Without breaking any new ground, every aspect of their music is well worked, from the guitars to the vocals and all the keyboard parts. These young guys, all brothers, are showing so high potential in song writing skills. There is a strong baroque flavour in their music and you will soon found yourself engulfed in their medieval concept.


Despite some minor problems with his English accent, Jon, the singer, has a really pleasant shouting style, which can also be really melodic when needed. As for the overall presentation of the band, the 16 page booklet looks professional, which adds to the quality of the overall product.


Sadly, this Metal style is already over crowded and TOWERSOUND may just disappear in the bunch of other bands that are signed by labels these days, to follow the speedwagon. (Online November 15, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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