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Stormlord - Supreme Art Of War (8/10) - Italy - 1999

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Last Episode
Playing time: 44:38
Band homepage: Stormlord


  1. Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be
  2. A Descent Into The Kingdom Of The Shades
  3. Sir Lorial
  4. Age Of The Dragon
  5. War (The Supreme Art)
  6. Immortal Heroes
  7. Of Steel And Ancient Might
  8. Outro
Stormlord - Supreme Art Of War
"YAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" is probably all you'll be screaming after 30 minutes of this infernal album. Brutal pounding drums with fierce rhythm guitars, high-pitched screams all put together to render one unique feeling. It's now an often used trend for today's bands to try and create a medieval atmosphere, as if the band-members were royal knights or demonical magicians...

Well, STORMLORD is similar yet very different and should never be considered as a simple rip-off. True, they used a varied arsenal of instruments like keyboards/pianos, flutes and violins, but not only to create melodies, but more to put the listener in a truly magnificent scene where warriors are slain down, paladins sacrifice themselves for greedy kings and dragons infest the skies like so many wasps attacking a doomed prey.

Self-proclaimed masters of "Extreme Epic Metal", STORMLORD could be roughly compared as a Black Metal-version of RHAPSODY. As previously mentioned, several instruments are used throughout the album as well as female vocals and wicked percussions (the fastest I have ever heard). While all of this may look original, it really is, but gets repetitive the first two-three times you listen to "Supreme Art Of War". The melodies slowly reveal themselves and are quite welcomed once you get the prejudices aside [I have to admit I was very sceptical when I first picked up this album due to the already too popular medieval theme]. Fortunately, these Italians know how to add a fresh new twist here and there to keep the album from going stale.

Since I have discovered STORMLORD with this album (their latest), I cannot compare their newer material with their previous recordings, but with "Supreme Art Of War", they have found an interesting formula that separates them from the Black Metal-pack!

Mathieu Bibeau

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