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Brainstorm - Liquid Monster (10/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 51:21
Band homepage: Brainstorm


  1. Worlds Are Comin' Through
  2. Inside The Monster >mp3
  3. All Those Words
  4. Lifeline
  5. Invisible Enemy
  6. Heavenly
  7. Painside
  8. Despair To Drown
  9. Mask Of Life
  10. Even Higher
  11. Burns My Soul
Brainstorm - Liquid Monster

In my opinion this band and CD shouldn't have to be reviewed. It should just be bought! Since Andy B. Franck has took over the vocals four albums ago, each release just gets better and better. Andy has a voice that is unmistakable and after hearing this he rates up there with the ranks of Graham Bonnet, Matt Barlow(Ex-ICED EARTH)/John West (ARTENSION/ROYAL HUNT) and James Rivera.


What I have always liked about BRAINSTORM is that you always know what to expect and it's always top notch. The sounds are basically the same from album to album with some minor changes with each release. It's numero cinco for these Krauts and they have struck gold once again. If you are already a fan, I am sure that you ran to the store to grab this, but if not read one of my other reviews or just read this one if you are too lazy to do some research. This is Power Metal/Metal of the highest caliber. "Worlds Are Comin' Through" is mid-paced, but packs a punch and is loaded with energy. The performances all around here are Grade-A. "Inside The Monster" and "All Those Words" is fuelled up on high octane gas and goes full throttle. There's no looking back as the solos are flashy and soar to the heavens while the drum performance is fast and clean. After getting your blood flowing, the seminal ballad of "Heavenly" kicks in. This one starts out a bit slow, but you ca feel the build up. It doesn't get all wild, but it's a keeper for sure that doesn't lay the cheese on thick.


The bottom line is this, I shouldn't have to review anymore of these albums again unless they drop a major bomb the next time out or pump out a live DVD. All Power Metal fans should know that this is an automatic homerun. No disappointments here! (Online November 19, 2005)

Joe Florez

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