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Nihilist - s/t (-/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Threeman Records
Playing time: 48:07
Band homepage: -


Premature Autopsy Demo '88

  1. Sentenced To Death
  2. Supposed To Rot
  3. Carnal Leftovers

Only Shreds Remain Demo '88

  1. Abnormally Deceased
  2. Revel In Flesh
  3. Face Of Evil

Drowned Demo '90

  1. Severe Burns
  2. When Life Has Ceased

The Drowned Sessions '89

  1. Morbid Devourment
  2. Radiation Sickness
  3. Face Of Evil


  1. But Life Goes On Demo '89
  2. But Life Goes On
  3. Shreds Of Flesh
  4. The Truth Beyond
Nihilist - s/t

Here's a band that I never touched because I thought they would be too raw and extreme for my taste even today. I know that this was the prelude to ENTOMBED and I love those guys, but never gave NIHILIST a chance. Well, here's my chance to soak up this collection of demos from 1987-1989. Nicke Anderson/Alex Helid and Ulf Cederlund here from the beginning are the original three amigos who would later take this journey into ENTOMBED and be praised for their work.


It was at this time in Florida where you had bands like DEATH and so forth really kicking the scenes ass with their brand of harsh Death Metal. Sweden wanted to do the same thing, but put a twist on it and NIHILIST was the band to be responsible for this noise. The "Premature" demos from '88 are nothing short of brutal and raw as fuck! It's well under produced, but there is a certain charm to these songs as they were short and in your face like a drill sergeant. What the hardcore fan is treated here to is five demos under the NIHILIST/ENTMBED name. This stuff was sought after for years by the die hards and now they can get this for cheap.


"Only Shreds Remain" also comes from 1988 and you will notice right away on "Abnormally Deceased" that this would be the sound that not only ENTOMBED would continue with, but legions of followers would copy this sound because it was so seep and intense. LG's vocals are Death Metal growls and screams of the lowest order and it sounds like they were recorded in a cave. This is sheer intensity. They guitar solos brought the house down as well. The classic trademarked low tuned guitars started it all right here and many would later imitate to the fullest extent. the originators. (Online November 20, 2005)

Joe Florez

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