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Summon - Fallen (9,5/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Moribund Records
Playing time: 34:55
Band homepage: Summon


  1. Intro
  2. Blood Red Skies >mp3
  3. Mindrol
  4. Upon Wings Of Chaos
  5. Fallen
  6. Of These Sins…
  7. Sacred Nothing
  8. Nocturnal Rites
  9. Dead Dreams
  10. Loud As Hell, Fast As Fuck
  11. Beating Of Christ
Summon - Fallen

Disclaimer: In order to fully enjoy this review and achieve maximum effect the following text must be read at 260 beats per minute (read: extremely fucking fast).


Thrash, Black, Death whatever the hell you want to label this band does not matter as quite simply: this album completely slays. Picture “Darkness Descends” era DARK ANGEL and crank the brutality to 11 and you got a picture of what “Fallen” is like. This will melt your goddamn face off and break your spine in two before getting through one complete listen. Albums such as this not only warrant purchase, but require you to head out and fill a mass grave every night in order to approach an iota of appreciation for such compositions.


Never have Thrash and Death come together to create such a beautiful and violent child as on “Fallen”. DEMONOID attempted it, TORTURE SQUAD perfected it and approached perfect, but SUMMON have achieved “LOSE CONTROL OF ALL BODILY FUNCTIONS” as riff after fucking riff threaten decapitation. The blend is so goddamn potent that Starbucks should look into packaging this substance in a coffee cup which reads: “CAUTION: CONTENTS WILL CAUSE SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION”.


You know SLAYER’s latest boxed set, “Soundtrack To The Apocalypse”? Hell no. If any disc or set of discs deserve that title it is “Fallen”, for nothing SLAYER have produced captures this manic sense of chaos and malice imbedded in music connotation. From the static intro to the pounding distorted riffs you will convulse over and over until your body bloats and swells and your brain shakes under the concussive volley of slaughtering riffery. If you can get through the utter cluster-fuck of riffage without being afflicted with ulsers, an aneurism, lupus, or leprosy then you must be Gene Hoglan or another suitable Thrash god. Holy shit this insane, it is like an ongoing nightmare where you finally wake up only to discover reality is much much more dark in the sense that you have been nailed to a wall and are forced to listen to SIX FEET UNDER hits while the collective creative (sic) mind behind the founding of EMO music gnaws at your flesh. Yes, that is goddamn terrible, but that sheer torture is harnessed into a force of brutality which you have not experienced since being circumcised.


KREATOR, SLAYER, SEPULTURA: all great bands who laid down monumental Thrash in their day. SUMMON is one hell of a cut above those ordinary Thrash bands/releases as this genre-defying album transcends nearly any set boundaries. Sean Peters and Matt McClelland spit out riffs like they have swallowed a goddamn bottle of bleach. The epic riffage is sharpened by the frantic leads which slice through the compositions at unexpected times grabbing you by your mullet and throwing your face through the wall. The extreme quality of the riffs and guitar-work may be beyond the comprehension of many of you ignorant bastards but SUMMON will not take it below 250 BPM unless you ask fucking nicely. Even then we get a mid-paced cut like “Blood Red Skies” (which happens to be the most Death Metal track on here) in which the band takes a couple of breaths to beat the hell out of you with such a thick and vicious guitar tone it makes “Slaughter In The Vatican” look like “…And Justice For All”.


You want to live goddamn Thrash and experience some of the best riffs ever to escape a speaker? This album takes the conventional Thrash riff and buries it six feet under like an unwanted elderly family member, digs the pale bastard up and then vomits it all over the crowd. The record is a goddamn riff monster; eight feet tall, black as hell with blood pouring from its hideous mouth and a set of chainsaw-like arms which could sever the absent limbs from a paraplegic. It also completely aborts the traditional Thrash vocals, opting for a Black Metal snarl which would accomplish more in the way of frightening Varg back behind bars than the Norwegian correctional facility police could achieve in a decade.


Mark my words; this album will inspire more suicides than the history of cults combined. Music such as this is not intended for human beings. News recently leaked of U.S. troops using METALLICA’s “Enter Sandman” to torture an Iraqi prisoner, you may have heard this. Now imagine we take this prisoner and set up some huge cabinets and pop in the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Mastered DVD version of this album (it comes with the first 5,000 copies). Yes, you better grab something more protective than a Maxi-Pad as that bastard is going to explode like someone stuck a clump of C4 inside him.


This album nearly approaches the superiority of the landmark Thrash tyrant “Darkness Descends” and will be the best goddamn music penned for the next several years, this I have no doubt. If you cannot appreciate furious drumming which blasts while avoiding boring, or a plethora of riffs strong enough to cure cancer, or compositional skill which could defeat the entirety of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal with the strength of only the first riff of the classic “Mindrot”, then go listen to your watered down post-Thrash albums and keep your spine in one piece. The question is not “Are we doing ‘Stonehenge’ tonight?” but rather, “Are we doing ‘Fallen’?” If the answer is a hell yes then you better bring a goddamn body bag.


“Loud as hell, fast as fuckkkkkk!!!!!!!” (Online November 23, 2005)

Charles Theel

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