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Myrkskog - Deathmachine (8,5/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 43:57
Band homepage: Myrkskog


  1. Discipline Misanthropy
  2. The Hate Syndicate
  3. A Poignant Scenario Of Terror
  4. Sinthetic Lifeworm
  5. Syndrome 9
  6. Morphinemangled Torture
  7. Deathfare To The Devil
  8. Deathmachine
  9. Pilar Deconstruction (Syndrome 9 Re-Mix)
Myrkskog - Deathmachine
One of the most influential bands in Metal has to be the Norwegians of EMPEROR. Not only through the several side-projects of Trym, Ihsahn and Samoth, but more for the unique sound and enormous quality of the music. The best known side-project featuring zwei EMPERORs is ZYKLON, founded by Samoth and featuring Trym, Daemon (LIMBONIC ART) and Destructhor (MYRKSKOG). Oh wait, I'm not reviewing ZYKLON, but we're talking about MYRKSKOG here.

This little introduction is the link to the musical style of MYRKSKOG. Take ZYKLON and EMPEROR, leave out most of the keyboards and other effects and there you go: MYRKSKOG. So very technical, well-done Blackened Metal. Candlelight Records was kind enough to sign them, too, so the drei bands are all on the same label, which makes it easier for the fans to pick them out.

Comparing them with EMPEROR is quite dangerous, as they are one of the best bands around. But in this case it's not so bad, cause MYRKSKOG can actually approach the level EMPEROR (though in all honesty, there is only 1 EMPEROR) and they deliver a very solid record here. Tracks like "Discipline Misanthropy", "Sinthetic Lifeworm", "Syndrome Nine" and "Morphinemangled Torture" are all great tracks! The song "Deathfare To The Devil" is the best on the record though, with the atmospheric keyboard (yes, this one does have some keys) in the background it slays!!

Too bad there's a remix to conclude the record, I don't mind some additional techno-ish effects, but remixing songs goes too far for me. I also have to say that it's obvious that the presence of keyboards on this record could have increased the level of this record just a tad. However, since the quality of the music is still very high, and comparing everything to EMPEROR would be very unfair, I can only give this record the good rating it deserves! Check this out if you like EMPEROR and/or ZYKLON.

Vincent Portegijs

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