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Dawn - Slaughtersun (Crown Of Triarchy) (9/10) - Sweden - 1998

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Necropolis Records
Playing time: 59:09
Band homepage: Dawn


  1. The Knell And The World
  2. Falcula
  3. To Achieve The Ancestral Powers
  4. Ride The Wings Of Pestillence
  5. The Aphelion Deserts
  6. Stalker's Blessing
  7. Malediction Murder
Dawn - Slaughtersun (Crown Of Triarchy)
What the hell is it with the Swedes. Is there a tree for brilliant bands there somewhere? Cause so many great bands (such as MARDUK, OPETH, THERION, AT THE GATES etc.) come from there, it much raise the bar for the newer bands, also leading to a load of mediocre bands… but anyway, we're not discussing that here, this is DAWN…

DAWN is a band that I had heard a lot about from a good friend of mine, and after trying to find "Slaughtersun (Crown Of Triarchy)" for a long time, he was actually the one that provided me with the record. The first time I listened to this was quite an experience… Damn, I heard this before… oh wait, let me check that compilation… Shit, I had a song by them all the time and never knew it… So much for an introduction to DAWN for me then. But now the record, "Slaughtersun (Crown Of Triarchy)". What's the best way to describe this? Well, melodic Black Metal seems alright, but it doesn't give enough credit to the band. And with melodic often keyboards are associated, an instrument that is only present as a vague background on this record.

No, the riffs are one of the best thing on this record. Like NAGLFAR created a stunning sound on "Vittra" with their simple yet divine riffs, DAWN essentially does the same, good riffs backed by spectacular drumming and very good screaming vocals. There is some sort of magic on this record (maybe cause of the very dark atmosphere that's like a red wire through the songs), cause where DAWN repeats the same riffs fairly often they never get boring. Maybe that's the definition of a truly great piece of work…

The opening track, "The Knell And The World", the track that was on the compilation ("Feuersturm part II", if I remember correctly) is sublime, and so is "Ride The Wings of Pestillence" and "Malediction Murder", but it's unfair to call any of the tracks not good, cause we're dealing with an impressive release here. What DAWN achieves on "Slaughtersun (Crown Of Triarchy)" is making great melodic Metal without having to resort to high-flying solos to be interesting, and they show complexity isn't always required to achieve higher states of Metallic quality. Another record that is welcome in every Metal-collection!

Vincent Portegijs

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