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Occult - Rage To Revenge (8,5/10) - Netherlands - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Painkiller
Playing time: 35:19
Band homepage: Occult


  1. Mind Domination
  2. Violence & Hatred
  3. The Madness Within
  4. Killing For Recreation
  5. Thy Creation
  6. Revenge Is Mine
  7. Work Of A Legend
  8. Fatal Disorder
  9. The Desolate One
Occult - Rage To Revenge
Thrash Metal has always been a genre in Metal that I never really bothered to explore so far. Where everybody is raving about SLAYER, I prefer a good MARDUK- or MORBID ANGEL-record anytime. But as the years go by, the musical taste broadens, and there you go, the first Thrash Metal-records appear in the collection. And since we're talking about a Thrash-outfit from my country here, I have no reason to leave this in the record store.

So, we're talking about the new record by Dutch Thrashers OCCULT, entitled "Rage To Revenge". The first thing that I noticed is in the vocal department: there are 2 vocalists, Rachel and Maurice. Interestingly enough, Rachel does the grunts (and she does them very well, she is the new grunter in Dutch Death Metal-band SINISTER now), while Maurice takes care of the screams. Funny, cause when I listen to the record I'd say it's the other way around, and if I hadn't seen SINISTER with Rachel on vocals I would have hardly believed it. So having 2 vocal styles simultaneously is pretty unique in Thrash Metal I'd say, and it adds diversity, a thing that's essential for me when we're talking about a genre that I don't necessarily prefer to listen to.

So, about "Rage To Revenge". It's a very decent record, mostly up-tempo songs that are pretty clever and actually never really boring. From the great opener "Mind Domination", to the almost sing-along "Killing For Recreation", and finally to closing track "The Desolate One" this album manages to keeps me interested… Without reaching extreme levels of brilliance though, it's a good record, but not groundbreaking material. But I think it's a good transition album for Metalheads that are not really familiar to Thrash Metal, since there's something to offer from other genres in the music of OCCULT on this record. So when you see this around and have some spare bucks to spend, don't hesitate to check out OCCULT, you won't be disappointed!

Vincent Portegijs

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