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Heruka - Leggenda (EP) (2/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 24:45
Band homepage: Heruka


  1. Heruka: L’Incontro >mp3
  2. Adhes: L’Uccisione Di Auxim >mp3
  3. Zeima Ed Eracli: Il Reame Di Ilmar
  4. Monrgh: Le Due Spade >mp3
  5. Takar: L’Enigma
  6. Heruka: Il Ritorno
Heruka - Leggenda (EP)

HERUKA is a so called “Fantasy Black Metal” project hailing from Italy and if I would have to describe it with one word, it would probably be “weird”… first of all, is a strange mix between raw, underdeveloped Black Metal and a more bombastic and epic stuff, but everything made with a composition ability that is close to zero… aside that, Adranor, the mastermind behind this, dares to do everything from singing to drum programming and is sad to say it, but he is unable to do anything even decently.


The songwriting is incredibly simple and amateur, but the man seems to believe in himself and even tries to achieve a sophisticated symphonic sound, specially with his CRADLE OF FILTH styled vocal effects and pseudo-hymnic melodies with the keyboard… but that is only for moments, as most of the time we’re just in front of the typical old-school Black Metal music, with extremely untalented instrumentation and a voice that could only be described as a frog croak imitation.


“Leggenda” is just the first EP of HERUKA… maybe if Adranor finds some bandmates and gets more clarity in the musical path to follow, he’ll surprise us with an extraordinary debut full-length, but I don’t really think I’ll take the time to check the results of that. (Online November 28, 2005)

Daniel Barros

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