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Nailed - A Pure World Is A Dead World (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 32:36
Band homepage: Nailed


  1. Rapist's Ruin >mp3
  2. Dark Spawn
  3. Without Hope There Is No Fear
  4. Vermin (Have Inherited The Earth)
  5. Forgotten Idol >mp3
  6. Crowning Of A Cripple >mp3
  7. A Pure World Is A Dead World
  8. Scorpio
  9. Serial Killer Chronicles
Nailed - A Pure World Is A Dead World

“A Pure World Is A Dead World” is about the most deserving title a release could ever ask for. NAILED have come out of left field to grab me by the balls, throw me up against a wall and drive spikes through all my limbs. This outfit has been around tearing off heads for half a decade now and APWIADW is their first long-player, having arrived just in time to provide a much needed brutality fix on my part. Sick, devastating and to the point is about the best three adjectives to describe this album and you will submit whether it is against your will or not.


The wall of noise effect is securely in place having been laid down by guitarists Mass Firth and Paul Cuthbert. The chaotic and frenzy style formulates the signature sound and is quite impressive in not only overwhelming with aggression but with also laying down quite catchy riffs which keep the neck snapping and the interest piqued. The tone is quite vicious, having a bit of a rough sound yet remaining crystal clear at the same time. At times it seems to have a certain Black Metal inkling to it and I believe this adds a bit of flair and originality to the overall product which is usually vacant in Death Metal outings. Additionally, a bit of an ANAAL NATHRAKH feel is present when the dark atmospheric guitars blend with the inherent chaos involved. This is a good thing as far as I am concerned as it works to further the band from the typical Death Metal album once again.


The song structures themselves are somewhat straightforward although a curveball or two is thrown in every once in awhile to knock you off your seat. For the most part the intensity of the riffage and catchy vocal patterns are what this release is about but that does not stop the outfit from bursting into an organic stream of technicality. This technicality is most often seen in the off the wall lead-work by the guitar duo which is seen in tracks like “Without Hope There Is No Fear” and “Scorpio”. There are also a slew of tempo changes which collide like a straight bullet which was never meant for you. When a flurry of blasting drums and thick riffs part for a deep growl and a nose-dive into yet another killer riff you cannot help but rock out and submit to satisfaction.


Amongst NAILED’s various repertoire of weapons is the dual vocal attack. On this release it is handled by main-man Andy Whittaker as well as by guitarist Mass Firth, who I have already mentioned earlier. Whittaker is responsible for the primary deep and guttural spewing which melds into the viciousness of the release and riffs off the already established instrumentation to provide catchy patterns and a unique presentation. Mass Firth’s Black Metal type rasp is also quite enjoyable and adds another dimension to the release which is greatly appreciated and also seems to gel well with the Black Metal tinged guitar-tone. Unlike the majority of Death Metal albums, both vocalist completely shine on this release and actually do add to the overall enjoyment of the album. The first time I heard “Crowning Of A Cripple” I about lost it, as the guitars and vocals on that track completely gel to produce this beautiful experience. It is definitely Firth’s best performance vocally on the album and something to behold.


This album does not reinvent the wheel but it is certainly a breath of fresh air. It seems brutal Death Metal (as well as Death Metal in general) has seen an influx of bands this decade and most are completely worthless. I am proud to have discovered NAILED are not one of these bands but will continue to forge ahead and make a name for themselves. Listen, enjoy, split skulls. (Online December 1, 2005)

Charles Theel

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