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Vesania - God The Lux (8/10) - Poland - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 66:06
Band homepage: Vesania


  1. Rest In Pain
  2. Posthuman Kind >mp3
  3. Lumen Clamosum
  4. God The Lux
  5. Synchroscheme
  6. Phosphorror
  7. Lumen Funescum
  8. The Mystory
  9. Fireclipse
  10. Lumen Coruscum
  11. Legions Are Me
  12. Inlustra Nigror
Vesania - God The Lux

Eyes and ears should both perk up on the mentioning of Poland, because the country seems to have factories churning out good bands left and right. Meet VESANIA: a Black Metal group intent on cloning DIMMU BORGIR’s “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia.” However, even though “God The Lux” sounds too similar to the aforesaid for the phenomenon to be merely coincidental, VESANIA’s music is spirited and contains much of what’s necessary in order to captivate a BM-lovin’ audience.


With members pulling double – or even triple – duty in other bands (most notably Orion who’s in Poland’s own BEHEMOTH and Daray who’s in yet again Poland’s own VADER), it’s obvious that those other groups’ auras have drifted over to “God The Lux.” Still, strangely enough, the quartet reminds me of DIMMU BORGIR more than anybody. By utilizing outlandish keyboards, at times, whirlwind drumming and vocals not unlike that of Shagrath’s, comparisons to other frequenters of the Black Metal scene are going to abound. To combat my previous statements, though, VESANIA do pepper their music with oomph rarely found elsewhere. The tenacious double-bass drumming of Daray (VADER, NEOLITHIC) is of virtuoso quality, while the nimble cymbal-hopping found in opening number “Rest In Pain” illustrates fine technique rather than shallow reliance on speed, or anything else of that nature. The production values are far beyond acceptable, as the overall façade is meaty and substantial. Plus, “God The Lux” transcends the sixty-minute mark, which means you’re receiving plenty of bangs for the buck.


Really, the only thing I take issue with is VESANIA’s forgettable lack of originality. I say forgettable because the music’s enjoyable enough to make you blissfully unaware of the ripping off that purportedly occurs here. Fanatics of the Norwegians I cited in the above paragraphs, who wish to find a band with heftier street cred, will relish these dark characters. When the music is as overly proficient as this, qualms – no matter how major – diminish into minor complaints and VESANIA can be presented as evidence of such. (Online November 29, 2005)

Jason Jordan

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